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But, what I'm trying to say is that with that encounter, I was in the detection area and he didn't acknowledge me and stood there for 2-4 seconds before moving on.

I have another encounter in which I come out of the table, I crawl my way to the hallway then the Ayuwoki's there, so I back up looking at him and he bugs out and stands still for a solid 10 seconds before moving again, and I have another similar encounter where the Ayuwoki literally comes up to me when I'm in the satanic circle and just leaves when he's clearly seen me. Still playable tho

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Dude, love the game. Beat it 2 times, but, there seems to be a bug with the Ayuwoki's AI which if you hide under a desk, then come out crouched then the Ayuwoki won't catch you, he will both ignore you and won't kill you. And he will sometimes get stuck doing a cycle of some kind.

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Maybe a neighbor hood? Or a small town?