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Would be nice if camera moved quicker!

Audio sounds nice.

Jump feels good.

I like the particle fx on the baddie.

For controls, would be nice if all mouse movement controlled the camera, not just when holding right click.

Loved this game. I like the concept of magicians battling for the crowds affection.

Adding audio would be a great next step to breathe some more life into the game.

It would be nice to add some fx to build tension during the battle. Showing some visuals & audio as the audience's affections grows or shrinks.

I enjoyed using some of the riskier cards, (distract the audience for example). But I didn't like it when I distracted the audience, and then didn't get the high affection card that gives an extra bonus the next turn if they're distracted. Maybe instead of randomizing the cards that appear, you could add a skill based interaction mechanic when performing tricks? Paper mario games do this well, by adding moments where you have to perform a timing based interaction to get a higher / lower payoff. It's a risk / reward trade off. Riskier magic tricks could lead to more affection, but be harder to pull off.

  • General comments.

How do I play? I can see WSAD to move, mouse to look, and spacebar to jump. Any other controls?

The art looks great. I love the look of the 2D paper mario character in the 3D world. Lighting & particle fx look great.

Adding audio would be a great next step to make the come to life!

  • How many enemies is appropriate per level?

Too soon to tell without health for the player and a way to attack. If combat is a big part of the game, start with a few simple enemies in a sandbox environment to dial in the combat. Start with very simple enemies that are easy to beat, and serve to teach the player the basics of combat. After that start ramping up the difficulty! Try to add different types of enemies that encourage the player to learn new skills / new ways to play.

  • Would you prefer a HUD?

What info would be displayed on the HUD?

  • How strong should the enemy attack the player? 

Start out with easy enemies & build up to harder ones.

  • How should the player attack? Would you like mouse click combat or full keyboard combat?

Jumping on enemies heads Mario-Style could work. Or maybe give the player a weapon of sorts and let them use it with mouse clicks.

  • How do you feel about the jump height/power? Should it be lowered?

I feel like the first half of the jump (rising up) feels great, very springy & responsive. The fall down seems to take too long. Feels floaty.

Shoot down your enemies and dodge bullets as they orbit around a musical star. Do your best to survive the chaos of this audio driven world. Vivo is an experiment in chaos and challenge. We're trying to craft an experience that draws players into the music, and puts them in a bullet dodging space ship blasting trance.

Check out Vivo here.

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