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Hi everybody!

We are Ignacio Medina and Santiago Medina. We are two brothers and we love making videogames. 
This is our first project, and it took a year and a half to finish it. As well as we have been enjoying to developing it, we hope that you enjoy it. Of course, feedbacks are welcome. So this way we'll know what we should improve! 

Kinds Regards.


"You play as Fhavin, a warrior woman from an unknown tribe, who must explore a mysterious tropical world. And venture into the War Totems to confront different monsters in a frantic Hack and Slash. At the same time, she will have to solve the Snake Monoliths to reveal her memories of her repressed childhood through "The Game of Memory". For each revealed memory, you will have the key in your hands that you will use to discover Fhavin's true quest, or condemn her to the torments of her mysterious past"

Link: After The Suns