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I havent played the game yet myself but I will. Especially after watching Sodapoppin play it on Twitch. That was a great Sweet Victory tribute you put in

Steam accepts adult games as long as there isn't any nudity

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Winrar wont unzip the contents for me saying the archive is corrupted

The x64 download is corrupted

This game is a lot of fun, I hope you update it soon so that there is more features. Also, the average session that you have listed for the game is a bit low, I spend about an hour a day playing the game

You don't need to be a professional YouTuber. If you want to record it then download OBS and record the game. Also, its a lot more fun recording videos if you record not for the views or attempting to get famous, but just for the fun of it.

A game about killing black people? You must be a white supremacist

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I have been working on a new game called Flappy Tubers. It is a Flappy Bird style game that allows you to play as your favorite YouTubers. You can find development of the game, play the first version for free, and help support the development of it here:

I hope you will enjoy my game and consider supporting me. Any suggestions would be great.

My Patreon page above will be the only place to get the game but you can also view the game page here:


Oh ok. I currently can't afford to buy the game which sucks because this is a really good game and  I want to see where the story goes after day 5

I would like to know if the game will ever become more than just 5 days long. Btw, awesome game, I love the design of the background

How do you get to a different room? If they all look different then I can't get past the first one