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Doctor Turquoise

A member registered Sep 22, 2017

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Thanks, that explained everything. the time-loop mechanic sounds awesome and will definitely make the game very interesting.

BTW, there is a mystery, puzzle heavy, visual novel game series which sound similar to what you're planning to do.  The series is called "Zero Escape" by Spike Chansoft (Who also made Danganronpa which is also a great detective visual novel). In the Zero Escape games the player makes choices like most visual novels, which lead to different timelines and results. The main character however is able to recall information from other timelines through multiple playthroughs, which is the main mechanic of the narrative progression.  Might be worth taking a look at, you might enjoy it

If you're looking for anyone to consult or test out your ideas, I'd love to help. Thanks again for answering!

As a big fan of mystery visual novels, I greatly enjoyed what I saw of this demo. The silly art style and dialogue clash so well with the grim premise and imagery in this game, it's truly a incredible experience. I eagerly await the full release of this game.

A few questions to the developer:

1. What was your inspiration for drastically changing the direction of the game from a silly, slice-of-life visual novel to a dark murder mystery? are there any games or other forms of media from which you drew inspiration?

2. How do you plan on implementing  the puzzle mystery into the game mechanics? the demo's only mechanics were branching story paths and looking for clues. what mechanic would be used for deciphering the clues and solving the crime?

3. Considering the art style and previous game, how serious will the mystery be? Does the crime follow logic and can be solved rationally, or should we expect some more silly antics in the core mechanics and narrative, such as the first game?