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Doctor Fluffy

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Dear Dimitri,                                                                                                                                                                                                   Thank you for developing such an enjoyable,realistic game that can affect people's lives in a good way because it did for me. I could symphatize with Syd easily because well the social situations,the hardships nadfriendships he is been going through,the choices he needs to make are very similar to my case haha. It's unbelievable how can LoveSick Darlings touched my heart and showed me the important things in the life that i was forgetting or not caring enough.Those are of course friendships and love itself. You and your team should feel proud and you should know i opened this account for posting this review first i needed to get it out of my chest you know :)                                                                           As for characters they're much more realistic,enjoyable and relatable characters in other games i ve played in this genre.One of the best.  I feel so impressed but at the same time there are moments it made me cry!! I uhh really love Jayda as she is,she is so precious ( My dream girlfriend do your best because i'll keep doing my best as well dont lose to beast that inside us!) That scene where she got her award was really moving and relatable for me than more ways than one,i got teared up but that was just one of the precious moments i lived through this game :) You see those kind of things are very important for me in life and seeing this game develops this kind of feelings those accurately made me cry...Having a flirtatious,unpredictable and lively best friend like Maisy(which makes me laugh so many times),the twins,the quiet and cool girl with gentle nature Steph all of those making this journey more enjoyable,realistic and well precious.                                                                                                                                                        I liked in-game mechanics as well especially social events.The "story changes by your choices" is something i like in games and seeing it REALLY changes with my choices,yeah it was great. I'm looking forward to have more of those and great music tracks as well but i dont doubt you guys will make it through.I dont write many reviews but those were my sincere feelings/thoughts.Wish for the best to you all i am supporting your project.At the same time cant wait for full release.