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A member registered Jan 04, 2017

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Help I'm shooting on my left hand instead of my right how do i fix?

I have an idea of a new feature in raven field beta 6 aka the steam version. That for example we could choose jerry cans and light the gas up, in addition also vehicles that are hit, damaged leak gas and might explode. This is useful for when a heli crashes and it takes out like 10 red bots instead of none. Anyway this was an idea for an improvement in my opinion.

Doc <3

Thanks so much maximinerextreme now I slo-mo no scope!!!

Change your keyboard if your on a mac so its qwerty not azerty.

Slow-Motion doesn't work in mac :( please tell me how to fix or fix it in the next beta. I really wanna get some slow-mo noscopes

Its because of your anti-virus which is blocking some texture files in ravenfield.