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Why have NTR and futa in a damn harem game.

Why would you make a game about that.

So it is a game about being a beta ok. lol

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Sick of games when they give you some fake bull shit overview about pretending that you have choices in the game when you don't the game might as well be a kinetic novel. Just be damn honest.

Choice-based forced feminization and chastity game. That makes no sense.

So we play as a beta cuck.

I really like this plus loved getting my own pet dog i hope i can get my dog some armour plus i really liked the options given loved playing as some bad ass kicking peoples assess and i really liked the mutant girl she was adorable. And i can not wait to take out rusty and his gang please make that a option.

Yeah i know but rainy days has a male MC this does not so Rainy days is better.

Man his game is trash so much Heavy railroading.

I highly doubt that Kari is a virgin. lol

This just sounds like some mega cuck game. lol

So fake avoidable like the first mega cuck game i bet. lol

This is some next level cuck trash. lol

What will the tags be in this.

Well this is some wasted potential. Would of been really cool if you could choose your gender.

If you ever do that do you think you could make another game on the side of the Empire.

This looks really cool shame i can't read French. lol

No thanks like i said not a fan of playing as a woman.

Thanks for taking the bait.

True the person who made this must be a mega cuck. lol

Ok cuck. lol

What is the NTR in this.

True that game is way better than this.

Not happening cuck.

Ok cuck cya.

True that only some beta loser would join a woman's harem. lol

Dude fucking a whore is liking sticking your dick on a garbage bin.

Racist Nazi.

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I will have you know i am Male online and gender fluid in the real world thank very much you nazi bigot. Plus that is sad as fuck that you wasted time to search me up. lol

So what tags are in this.

When did i say a i was man dirty bigot Nazi.

Looks really fucking boring not going to lie. But I guess that is what a game for women is going to be like.

What kind of revenge is it.

Can you at least get revenge.

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So it sounds like you play as some beta loser who gets bullied did i get that right.

Well that is a damn shame i guess i will skip thanks for telling me not a fan of playing as a woman. I thought i would be able to choose who i play as.

Thank god since i can not choose between them they are both top tier waifus man.

I hope i can have both of them they are both so sweet.

So do you choose who to play as since i don't like playing as a woman. and i have to ask i hope there is no cuck shit in this.

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Yeah this is just some next level cuck shit. lol