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It amazes me how your work just gets better and better. Unfortunately, $20 is a bit steep for a hobbyist like me who'll likely never sell anything for a single sprite sheet. But in terms of sheer quality, it definitely looks worth it!

Im broke atm but next payday im grabbing this and your last work. Ive got everything else. I really enjoy your style. Thought about doing a farmers market/fish market set?

Awesome. Being able to define limits on how often a player can "shrug off" death makes the system infinitely more useful and balance-friendly!

Can you limit how many timessa person can come back per battle? Maybe modifiable via gear?

Like, each char can "comeback" once per battle, unless they equip a special accessory that allows them to comeback 3x per battle?

I just noticed its use in your title image with your flags/banners the tree. Ive been looking at the tool a lot myself, but havent pulled the trigger. Though in your tokyo styled scene, It looks lovely. Making me revisit my previous ordeal. lol. <3

You are selling me on Juice FX. Those banners looks nice!


You are both a gentleman and a scholar.

The blackest of all fridays is less than a week away. Will this be discounted then?

I love this expansion set. Think we could get a repurposed cavern/mines set?

Great to hear. I love your style. Looks like youve studdied and adapted Pixel Art from the golden Era of Square.  I hope someday that I can make work good enough to fit in seamlessly with yours.

What are the odds of a black friday/holiday sale on the asset bundle? Your work/aesthetic looks like a great point to study and learn pixel art.

Any way we can get a compatability patch for use with Olivia's Octopack?
Or better yet, a tutorial guide showing how we Set up LunaMV to work with Octopack, which could be used not only as a reference to apply it to Octopack, but a reference for applying LunaMV to any other custom battle system as well?

This looks awesome. I just ran across it. But payday isnt till friday. Hope I remember this then. <3

Is Luna Engine Incompatible with Olivia's Octopack Battle System? I cant seem to get them to work together.

Hey there. Does GMS use a version of JS to code? I was wondering if you knew of a similar plugin for RPGMaker MV to do the animated dialogue in text boxes?

great polish!