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Awesome! Thanks!

I had implemented something similar to your previous suggestion. Got it working after a bit of trial and error.

However having characters' speech bubbles grow as the words are read out is actually a bit difficult to follow along (as a user). Probably because I had the text center-aligned. But I'm sure there's other practical uses for this feature.

Thanks again for the continued support!

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I am trying to create speech bubbles that 'contain' text as it's being read. The bubble will only be as tall or wide as the currently visible text.

Right now I am setting the width and height of the containing transform using textMesh.bounds. However, this includes characters that are invisible while the text is being read. Also, if I apply any vertex effects then the bounds may be affected as well.

Is there a way to get the boundaries of currently visible text during a read? Bonus if it is not affected by jitter/wave effects - but for that I may just use a padding buffer.

Thanks, and loving the asset so far :)