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A member registered Jun 09, 2020

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Gosh I've played this game since FLAB2 and after a long long break after growing up from my browser gaming days I finally came back to see if FLAB3 was still live and kicking. Spoiler: It wasn't :(

But then I continued searching and came across the wiki, the discord and then finally the itch page and I am BLOWN AWAY that this game is still getting traction and updates and has a dedicated community in it. 

This was my childhood, thank you for keeping it going, the nostalgia and pure joy this game brought, from the frustrated deaths, making nests and eventually getting chicks, to cheaters and trying to go against them. Man you're the real MVPs 

It's so good to see this game is looking good. The pigeon model looks gorgeous, the new birds?? omg the parrots.... the lil birdies... i love them... so much

Thanks ya'll for keeping it kicking, I'll be coming back to play with some friends too *w*