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loved the game i think i found a bug where i couldnt get to the shop even when i click the button stated in the the controls

GOBLIN DEFENDER- 5:55  i loved the game are you planning to add any future game mech?

Fair Point!

Dust Bunnies- 6:42
i loved the game idea but i think the ending is bug because no madder what i did i was stuck on the same level of Hazard 

Tonsil Terror- 3:51
lol loved the game made my voice sore!

The Con Sim- 00:28
i actually enjoyed this game way more than i originally thought! this is a different step than typical Sim!

thank you! i loved the game it was just difficult to play with the current controls!

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love the game but! needs better keyboard controls!

what are the future projects you plan on doing or with this game?

Curious what the mask is suppose to do? btw great game!

Good!! like no Joke im really excited to see what what you do with this because final destination interactive story was my favorite growing up!

Hostage- 12:00

loved the Idea of the game! are you planning on expanding on it or?

Love or Die- 2:07

Love the game cant wait to try the other play through!

a wonderful day of fishing- 00:23

Love the game wondering there is a an end game to it because if the character was fully in the bloody water i could still fish

Nice game and lots of replay value!

Nice! ill check them out!

played the game ! at first i was ify but it was alot of fun but raging at the same time! but the part that was odd that my choices didnt feel like they had a impact on the game or is it?

this game was a Bit of a Rager! love it!

Nice ill take another look at it!

Sweet let me know!

ope my bad! i was wondering if there other God power other than meteor and rain?

i loved the game but unfortunately i was impatient to see all the powers and wondering any places with the game?

Such Weird Game! wondering if you have any plans for the future with this game or ? 

loved the game! wondering is there any plans for future with the game such as more levels, maybe harder difficulty levels or?

Thats awesome! Sweet let me know if you do make any new ones!

loved the game! any plans for it in the future or ?

loved the game any plans for it in the future?

loved the game but any chance we could see the other mini games or other plans for that?
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love the game! thought it was raging at times but in a good way!

sweet it would be awesome if you did! i see the game has huge potential!

Sweet let me know if you do!

like the game!Do you have any plans for the game in the future or?

like the game! but are you going to add more levels or power ups maybe?. Do you have any plans for the game in the future or?

like the game! but i feel there should be more of an end game once i made the mess. Do you have any plans for the game in the future or?

i like the game! i wish there was more to it thought! like maybe other meats or! having to also add cheese! do you have any other plans with the game or?

the game is very short which is really the only bad part! but still was funny and fun to play! do you have any plans for this like other bosses and combos with attacks?

the game is very humorous but filled with bugs!

no problem! yes ill send an email with the video to show the issue im having! thanks for quick respond !

hey i like the art and idea of the game but i did face some bug issues! when i got to like next part it would freeze the character and i would have to completely restart from the beggining. just wondering are there going to be save options or checkpoints addded later or?