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I forgot to post this when I uploaded but I really enjoyed this game. Simple and fun! Thanks for the game!

Loved the game and its really hard- but i am wondering do you plan on expanding the game?

NICE! just Wondering what new content are you adding!

loved the game! wondering do you have any plans to add things for the future or ?

loved the idea of the game i wished you guys would keep it going but oh well! Grow your own ghoul girl- 3:37

This game cute and simple and i love it! but do you plan to expand more on the game or?

Catching Sushi- 00:47

6:04 is time i played this game and it was  something else lol in a good way it was fun and crazy to dress up as a normal human!

i like the idea behind the game! just wondering do you plan to expand on the game or?

Sweet! let me know if you come out with any simaler games!

this game makes rage! lol but thats a good thing fun game! but im real question is do you plan to expand on it and how?

Hi loved the game. my question do you plan on expanding the game? If so you should a scoring for online to compete amongest other players or had little other mini games to keep the score going! but i loved the twisted ending!

i like the idea of the game! but i feel there needs to be things expanded on. at least in my play through i could never see the creautre or demon either or come at me just static and then end screen.


thanks! that information help alot! and great job! i loved the humor in beginning as well!

Sweet! ill take a look!

i got 57 at the end! hey wondering if there will more later added tpo the game or the third day is it?

right! do you have plans for game in the future?

little bit of bugs but thats what makes this game crazy fun!

love the game! for a game that was made in short amount! its beautiful and unique game-play kinda jelly i wish i had theses skills

thank you!

This game is pretty hard on highest difficulty!  Rainforest- 12:45

cute game and enjoyed the gameplay! 

20000 Leaks Under The Sea!- 10:16

Enjoyed the game with a very simple idea   Parking Spaces- 0:21

Honestly i loved the game! im going to do a series on it! if you could send me some Photos that you made to make easier on the editing thumbnails!

lol Unique game! love it!  We have important work to do!- 12:03

This game is fun yet hard! EVOLUTION- 5:21

This is game is pretty Cool! Monster Girl Maker- 0:32

Dude this game is weird but i love it!

loved the game but internal RAGE was kicking hard!

A game with an interesting Hidden meaning!

loved the game

I Had Lots of Fun! only issue i saw with giving item to customer was sometimes would fly across but! Still beautiful art and game overall 10/10

Colorful and unique platformer! 10/10

fun game! had issues finding one of beer bottles but other than that! 10/10

i like the idea of the game but had issues with controls and mechs of the game felt a little flat! maybe if there is controls to show the player because most time figuring it out as i go or more give the player control of cow to fight the other players! but hey i did love the game!

i loved the game but felt at times the audio was not balanced! i do not know if it was done on purpose but still 10/10

@gamejamcurator- i agree with ya- this is very well done and even as a individual that doesn't have this mental disorder. made me fully understand and create empathy for individuals who are suffering from it! i think thats what makes games more of impact as a medium because puts the player in the shoes of the narrative thats being to0ld and have to interact versus other forms like books,movies, etc. @gamejamcurator dude read article and perfect explanation as well!

Check it out

it was me DizzY the Whole time- love this chilling story like hit me in a personal spot

Loved the game! let me know when you post more content with it!

trys the game and freaks out!