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Divided By Zero Laboratories

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Yes, you can find us on Facebook!

🙂Thanks for taking the time to check out my page💯! 😁I'd be interested if the game concept is itself is interesting😎! 🤔What did you have in mind?

This is a membership game where membership is $100.

No problem! The game will cost $5. The BETA is not full screen, but the GOLD will be full screen! Before the release, was there anything else you would like to see in the game?

Hi CalexXelac, yeah it was me, Marcus, that you spoke with at Comic Con! Glad to hear from you! Bloqout 3D BETA is available now and the final release will be available Halloween. The beta is for PC only so you do need to have access to one to play it.

Cool looking game! Is it multiplayer?

Interesting concept.

Congratulations! And yeah, it does cost 25 Coins to purchase Special Bloqs in the BETA!

Awesome! Glad you enjoy it! What's your highscore?

Changed that as well! Hope you enjoy the game :)

Nucleo-Tech is a unique top-down shooter experience where you play as Marcus Leo, the vengeful CEO of Nucleo-Tech, as you take revenge on your sworn enemies using deadly and powerful weaponry.

Wreak havoc on your foes and leave none standing in this epic top down shooter!


-Full single-player experience

-12 action packed missions

-4 different boards

-Multiple gun unlocks

-Multiple outfit unlocks

-Multiple upgrades

-Create boards with Creativeplayer

If you enjoy Nucleo-Tech please be sure to let us know. Follow us here on itch. Like us on Facebook and Twitter at Divided By Zero Laboratories. Don't like Nucleo-Tech? No problem, just let us know what we can do to make better games for you. Email us at 

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Who We Are

We are Dibyro!

We are a St. Louis based video game services company.

At Dibyro, we focus on providing top quality content with the highest levels of satisfaction – we do everything we can to go beyond your expectations.

With many different options to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied choosing us. Look around, and if you have comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Customer Service Number And Email

(314) 643-7976


What We Do

We create, market, and publish top quality games for hire.

CREATE - We will create a game for you! Our developers have many years of development experience. We use a signature design process making it easier than ever to bring your video game idea to life! Contact us now for your free consultation.

MARKET - We will market your video game! Our customers are very loyal and are always looking for new and exciting games to play. Let us help spread the word about your game!

PUBLISH - Want to take your game to the next level? Let us help! Dibyro is a licensed publisher and can get your game on Google Play, Itch, Amazon and more! Contact us to learn more!


What Does It mean

 Dibyro means a unit that can not be defined or broken. 

Dibyro, short for Divided By Zero, is an idea that a unit can not be divided or defined by others if it sticks to its core values. At Dibyro we value Family, Respect, Friendship, Quality and Co-operation. It's believed that with these 5 core values a unit can, and will, thrive.


Why Us

Choose us because we believe in top quality content, top quality developers, and top quality experiences

We are professionals when it comes to entertainment, and video games are something we take seriously. We know what it means to our customers to own quality games. We value our customers and what we can offer them. As the creators of "Bloqout", the addicting, hit puzzle game, we hope to create games that everyone can enjoy. Take a look around our website and see for yourself what we can offer you.


Marcus Flakes

"I founded DBZL because I believe top quality content comes from not only top quality developers, but also top quality customer service. I value Family, Friendship, Respect, Cooperation, and Quality."

Hi Mertios! Thanks for taking the time to give us feedback on Bloqout 3D BETA. Update your copy of Bloqout 3D BETA! We listened to you and have added your suggestion into the game. All of the Backgrounds have been redesigned to make it easier to see the game and read text. Without your input we wouldn't have been able to make the game better (which is what we're all about)

At this time, we would like to offer you an opportunity to volunteer and play test our other games! You would of course get free copies of the games! If this is something that interests you, please visit our website and get in contact with us to let us know!

Thank you! What's your high score?

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Thank you! Update the game for the opportunity to use the NEW Undo Bloq! The Undo Bloq allows you to undo your last move! Go to the SHOP to check it out!

Interesting. What language are you using to code?

NUCLEO-TECH community · Created a new topic OUT NOW

Fun duh

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Nucleotech 2

Ever wanted to time travel and kill terrorists?

Nucleotech 2 will be the perfect game for you if you have! Available now, Nucleotech 2 is an action-packed, top-down shooting game for PC. Travel to a time before Nucleo-Tech and fight to save the future of the world! Play alone or with your friend in this epic, adrenaline-enhanced, top down shooter. Featuring customization, weapon upgrades, an awesome hip-hop soundtrack and more Nucleotech 2 will leave you entertained for years to come! Get it right now with the following link.



Nice! I tried downloading some of your games. Are they finished?

Yeah, no problem. Keep it up!

These are dope!

I've seen this problem before. Sometimes the reCAPTCHA just isn't entered right.

The style you used is attention grabbing!

That's awesome! What church do you go to?

I see you are active in this discussion. What's up?

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I'm CaptainAlvy from Divided By Zero Laboratories! We are a top quality video game development, marketing, and publishing company. Visit our website eventually - - Thanks!

ANNIHILATION community · Created a new topic Enjoy

I hope you enjoy Annihilation.

I hope you enjoy Nucleotech 2!

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After 3 months in development, Bloqout 2 is released by Divided By Zero Laboratories. Link included.

Bloqout 2 is a puzzle game for Android devices where you try to match 4 Bloqs of the same color to get Bloqouts and earn diamonds!