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> CeasephIsCanon

Hmmm. Is this a JoJo reference I spy?

holy fucking shit

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so i've got to the bit where it just spams random text at you is this the ending what am i supposed to do

edit: poked the exe with notepad++ and this doesn't look like intended behavhiour but i don't know enough to fix it

edit 2: didn't look hard enough. dont wanna spoil anything but i found the piece of text that ends in 'this is goofy and will be scrambled'.

I like the ZA WARUDO cube.

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is this a motherfucking jojo's bizzare adventure reference

also that was brilliant sequel when

Quick note - under the Itch client, the game fails to launch (can't find executable). The exe is there, through further investigation (AppData/Roaming/itch/apps/Kare wa Kanojo) but the itch client itself can't launch it.

Dedicated server stuff is coming soon (source: anuke on discord)

Also - you don't need an arm build it's java