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Great additions to analytics!

The descriptions for Impressions and CTR confuse me.  When I hover the mouse over the numbers in the dashboard it describes the timespan as "over the last week" and this article says "these only account for the last 2 weeks of data". To me these two seem contradictory.

To conduct the experiments you write about, it would be useful to have the uncertainty about the timespan the data is coming from reduced to calendar days.

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Very nice graphics and smooth gameplay.

Also nice music.

For people interested in downloading your pages analytics: You might also want to weigh in on github at:

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Hi there, great job showing of these nice assets!

I most like the jungle mockup.

There seems to be an issue with the forum linked on the OPP site. I tried to log in there but received this error message:

"Due to excessive forum spam we put a hold on forum access. You need to have an account for 24 hours as well as have at least 6 points in the gallery site to login to forum."