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Insanely fun! My hand hurts from so much SPACEBaring

Thank you so much, dear Sabrina ! 

He he, let´s say 50/50. You´ll have to play it on release, no spoilers .  

Really cool playthrough! Thanks, we hope you enjoyed! We are thrilled! 

Thanks for playing and the video! We hope you enjoyed it. 

I loved the frenetic gameplay! Recommended! 

Just downloaded it, AITD is one of my all time favorites, have a healthy donation please

As a big fan of AITD i lov this

Great demo! Everyting was the quality as expected, love Lucy actress. Great Pixel Art and old school UI. Can´t wait to play the FULL game.  

Really cool throwback to the early Resident Evil PS1 games with a hunch of Clock Tower and maybe some Parasite Eve too. Recommended !