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I'm not bugged by his hair haha. I just find Warren the most colorful character there . :)

Also kinda wished there was a sequel or something. The world is so interesting and I want to be able to interact with the characters more! Can't Taku return sometime?

I played this over year ago and I just got on Itch now. I love this visual novel. Captivating art, compelling mini-game, distinct and memorable characters! Playing it has been so refreshing. I'm not too much of a gamer, but this is definitely different from the visual novels I've tried before. The colors and their blending really helped set the mood. I felt really immersed!

I think I played this about a year ago (before discovering Itch). It's really funny and sweet, and the colors are great. I'm not sure why Marty likes Matt when Warren is amazing from skin tone to hair to face and personality but oh well, I guess it happens to the best of us. 10/10 will recommend this to my younger sister.

(Played Summer Found Me, too. That was awesome.)

(Also Out of Sight. That was sad, but awesome.)

I forgot to mention: an appeal of your VNs is how they're both family-oriented. It's seen in Nusantara: Bermuda, but it's also present in the first Nusantara, it just so happens Tamara's family isn't the uncle(?) but her parents and the people she met after being sent to another world. I personally like this orientation because it's true to life, it's realistic. I'm not against individualism exactly but sometimes when we write stories, we tend to focus on the character journeying out that building their family's story becomes forgotten or a burden. I once scoured the entirety of the games listed on Ren'Py's site and most of them lacked this balance. I'm hoping that the MC in Nusantara: Bermuda stays true to her original motivation, despite her family being out of picture for most of the story, but since that was the reason why she agreed to Fate in the first place, I think you'll do fine and she'll follow through it eventually.

Played this over a year ago, I think, so now that I have an account, I'm making sure to comment on my favorite visual novels!

I really like the worlding and lore of this game, along with the visuals. It's difficult for me to choose which among the three is my favorite, as they all strike me in different ways. Even the non-romanceable characters are captivating, and most everyone there was really like family. (I forgot their names and don't have enough data to re-download right now but) I find it adorable when the couple with whom Tamara stays bicker. The story is also funny in just the right places, as I remember the brother figure being protective of his wife when things got bad.

In terms of areas for improvement, I think other comments have already brought up Rama's characterization. I guess something that could be done to help us empathize with Rama more is to spread out more hints of his former love throughout the other routes, or in the general route. Think of something as small as villagers comparing Tamara to a girl "who used to live here" or a child wondering "why does Rama wear a feather when he's not married?"

I suppose right now your focus is on your new game, but just in case this suggestion ends up worth something one day. :) 

I also played the demo for Nusantara: Bermuda and the art is as amazing as ever, if not better. It's definitely funding-worthy. :) Good luck, SweetChiel!

I played this game some months ago and how it struck me then still stays with me. It's distinct from the visual novels I played. The language is different, the characters are diverse and vivid. My favorite character is Alexei (whose backstory just  hogged nearly all my empathy), though I have a childhood bias towards character types like Emilio. Marie and Vivi are also adorable!

This pleases my eyes and relaxes my soul. I wish every moment of my life has the music here in the background. It's so soothing.

I'm usually a meaning-oriented person but with this game and as an audience, I realize what a good experience it could be to just f e e l.

My problem with listening to songs in general, for example, is that I focus too much on the lyrics' meaning, word choice, etc. so I sometimes crave for instrumentals. But with this, how the story behaves like a silent comic just tells me to experience. The song's an example of those songs whose lyrics unify with the music, too.

Hey, sorry for the late reply.... In terms of making the game better, maybe check the Tetris parts of the game? What I experienced  was that some Tetris blocks stopped rotating all of a sudden. I'm not sure if there's just a limit to the number of times we could rotate or what. If it's valuable information, I used the PC version of the game. :) 

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This is adorable. I know some people would say,"Hey, that's eloping!" Well this isn't just some Romeo and Juliet. (1) The game goes deeper than that, with the endless running mimicking commitment. (2) if it was shallow, then the "right" response to "How's Colin doing?" is jealousy. (3) They're birds, dammit! Let them literally leave the nest.

But yeah, the game has made me go awww~ It's simple but that makes it all the more amazing what multiple choice elements and runner games--both common--can do!

Hello. I am writing this right after finishing Redwood. I've been playing a lot of visual novels but none have touched me as profoundly as this.

The plot is simple, but you delve into the characters' conflict at once and in this case, that works! It's very engaging especially since it's a puzzle and time-limit type of game. Psychology interests me and there was a period when I tried to make sense of a lot of things, and it's amazing how you can capture the nuances between all the things Trinity (or anyone) could say. I'm wondering if you or anyone from your team is a professional in the field (or studying it maybe?) because I don't think just anyone could pull off the script. It's filled with gray areas rather than black and white.

It's different from the visual novels I've seen that present their characters in situations like those of your characters, because here it's not dead-end.

The music during the Tetris parts feels inspiring, but not the overwhelming cheerfulness kind.

This really made my day. This is super insightful and I hope a bright future for it!! I'm a great fan of this and would like to follow your works. Let me know if there's any way for me to support. I'd consider financial if only I had a stable job at the moment. Anyway, let me know, please! I've already started telling my closest friends about it. Have a nice day!!