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Is there a video tutorial out there to show off basic functions, how to achieve certain common effects etc?

If not, I think you need one :)

Liking it so far, messing around with it, but feel lost nonetheless. 

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And dang I might have forgotten to test that after I tweaked the zero suit backflip/front flip. Sorry
EDIT - fixed it

Yeah I have a few overlapping states in the statemachine, on the list right now capping them off. 


Great feedback, very helpful :)

Not sure what to do with the grenade launcher, might be scrapped in favor of a different weapon type, it feel outta place imo. We'll see.

Switching weapons and mecha mode - yeah forgot all about that one, whoops. Easy enough fix.

Yeah the jetpack only launching forward is on purpose, if you hold down the fire button, it slows your descent like a glide. I need to make the jetpack movement more obvious, adjust the angle a little too.

I'm looking into bringing in jump sustain and tweaking with gravity. 

Maybe some of these issues will be fixed within the weekend.


"back" flip. I dunno, it might be in the name ;)

You're right though, I think it might be useful, i'll put that on my todo list :) 

Placeholder controls
There is no "gameplay" its just the debug room right now while I put features in.
Doors have a collision box always except for the last frame of the animation which lasts 3 seconds or something. I need to find a good solution to that or have the thing push the player away/or not close when player is within a specific distance. I wasn't aware exactly how broken they were, thanks for letting me now. 

Thanks @stomygame and @spacedogames.

Workshop menu is pretty unintuitive, all the feedback is important on it. I also wasn't sure on whether to add in "hold down" fire, but after some of the feedback, I'll add it in.

Acceleration is a bit slow, and seems I'm going to need to focus a lot of attention on the platform movement (having to full stop to crouch someone mentioned) Yeah I'll work on that asap.

Pushing down while shooting issue, thanks for bringing that to my attention - state machine is gonna need reworking.