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I think this game is awesome! I really enjoy Ravenfield, no matter what state it's in. I played for about 20 minutes and I have some suggestions.

- Customizable characters: Hats, clothing, body armor, maybe even faces?

- Customizable weaponry: Maybe by holding Q, it could bring up a customization menu, where you could toggle scopes, silencers, and other things. Gun skins would be an awesome feature to have too. Would add great diversity to the players if you are planning to make this an online game.

- More gamemodes.

- Multiplayer, I don't know if it's being planned or not, but if it isn't, take it into consideration.

- Better and more diverse HUD: Maybe add a mini-map of some sort?

- More vehicles: A wider selection of vehicles would be nice, motorcycles and planes maybe?

- Better and more diverse main menu: Add a couple of tabs and use my next idea?

- Customization menu within the main menu: Maybe you could add a customization menu within the main menu, if you are willing to use my ideas, such as character customization and weapon customization. The menu could be where you change your gun skins, make custom loadouts, and even customize certain cars by giving them different colors and enhanced abilities.

These are a couple of my ideas. I will continue playing the game as it continues going through the stages of development. Great game SteelRaven7!

Please take my ideas into consideration, cause it would really make the game better than it already is.

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Great, thanks.

I need the x32 bit Windows versrion of Cuppa Tea.

Is it possible for me to get one?

Cause I read in the desc that you will provide one for me?

Wow, EGGNOG+ was WAY better than i expected. I LOVE IT!