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I liked this quite a bit! It's very personal and it made me feel better thinking of some things. Thank you!

I liked this a whole lot! Just as complex as it needs to be, art and music are perfect for giving me an optimistic feeling :)

Wonderfully creepy and incongruous, the procedural generated aspects were *just* awkward enough to give it a wonderful sense of uncanniness. I ended in a house with only three grandfather clocks looking over a lone bed...


This was absurdly cute, and the art and color scheme are all gorgeous! I got the quitter end and felt terrible! I can't get over how great these backgrounds are! Thank you for making this! :D

I liked this demo! I wrote a longer review on my blog here!

This was wonderful! I loved the Game Boy feel to the graphics, I really like the idea of a harvest moon-like game where you're actually growing your enemies, and I thought the art style was super cute. I also like how the level layout makes it look like you can only cut down those circular bushes when you get the upgraded scythe, but you can suddenly cut down the hedges too.

I think I hit a bug at the end though? I planted the final seed and let it grow into a flower, then the camera panned up to reveal the two coffins and...nothing happened? I walked up there and tried cutting down the fence and interacting with the flower, nothing seemed to work. Also I noticed some brief slowdown when picking up lots of items.

Otherwise, this was super fun, with well thought-out gameplay and a great look.

This was very cute + good, I liked the lemon kid's expressions :D

Hello, I'm just a person struggling to learn Unity and Blender in hopes of one day learning to make my own games. Nice to meet everyone!

A great little game! I figured out the twist as soon as I saw the horse, and there were a few places where I could see (and at one point fall off of) the edge of the map. The old man has some great style, though, and the sound design and general aesthetic are excellent. "It's a 1:1 model" made me laugh out loud. I wish I'd had more time to get to know him...