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Great experience! I was on the edge of my seat!

this was absolutely beautiful, looking forward to playing the full game!

I absolutely adored this game, thank you for making it with such a meaningful message!

I really enjoyed this game! Honestly a must-play visual novel!

This game made me genuinely nervous and super uneasy, can't wait for the sequel! :)

Really enjoyed this game! It has such an uneasy atmosphere, I was looking over my shoulder every couple minutes while I played!

This game was absolutely fantastic and beautiful. I highly rate it! Hope it gets even more recognition!

I thought the game was great! Can't wait for more by you.

I felt like some parts were dragged out and some parts were missing, but didn't ruin the game overall. I thought the game was great! Keep it up! :)

The game was amazing! I personally thought the ending on April 6th was extremely powerful and endearing. Thank you for making this game!

This game was probably one of the most inspirational games I've played in my lifetime. It was so moving and beautifully put together! Not only is the message behind the game great, but other things such at characterization, character design, plot development, and the music were great as well! Thank you so much for making this deeply touching game!

I will definitely be playing on my own time to get the other two endings! I'll also be checking out your other games, thanks so much for replying!

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Thank you for making this game! I am currently in highschool and know many people who have gone through this; so the topic resonated with me deeply. The ending hit me hard and made me feel so guilty, but it was realistic and not sugar-coated. Thank you for making this game and spreading awareness about dating violence! 

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Thought the game was fantastic! Thank you for making it, made my day so much better! [I totally didn't get the riddle wrong...]

Hey! I loved the game! Thank you for making it and please continue to make games in the future!