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Is this noob friendly 9_9, Sry, I always been a fan of bump mapping but I never had the big brains to really implement it.

my nephew figured it out. XD I didn't at first. Pretty kewl concept 

Fun Game

beautiful old school look

The perspective effect looks great. Great work ^_^=b

Perhaps vector based movements would be better for a truck game.

I couldn't figure it out. I think the only controls are the arrow keys. I had no idea how to get the key on the shelf. 

The poro game is off brand. Have them join into a bigger ball or better yet a mix of that and drooping simultaneously. Bruam doesn't want to let them fall. And maybe, they are stuck in Elise`s WEB

This is Very Contra Inspired huh, I see level 1 inspirations everywhere in the video. I think the shock wave should kill the enemy solider to indicate you need to dodge it. I noticed at 2:46 the enemy doesn't die. This looks really great.

Package as Zip

if this option doesn't appear go to

Preferences --> Windows --> Default packaging type

set to "Show Dialog"


This is how. Not too hard, but kinda needed. all good, merry christmas

When Compiling, don't use package as installer, because people are more hesitant to go through the trouble of installing things. Just package as zip. Goodjob Finishing anything in that time. I joined the Extra Credits Game Jam too. It doest feel like enough time but hey I saw ur posts on the gamemaker forums and made me feel a bit better about how hard it was for me to get stuff done for the jam too .

maybe I dont get it. I keep falling through the walls. maybe its buggy. maybe its me idk

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q_q I was expecting a runner, then i noticed it went up and around. i feel tricked (8) . still it was alright.  these kinda games are too hard for me tho.

took a while to pick it up but I got it. totally felt the flow, nice idea.


Ty, I used this for a Gamejam

First They're Sour

looks promising with non polished gfx. ganna buy and try

or when we upload, is that the version that gets through only.

Not exactly, there are actions u can take on the enemies' turn - not attack tho.

does it count if on ur opponents turn, u can do a move? not as extensive as if it were ur turn, but it does still have a turnbase system.

I got stuck where u had to run top speed and press up. i figured it out but jump is Z and i was told jump so it was a bit hard to figure out

does this have a physics engine and 2d graphics lol, I love it

9_9 not ganna lie... Im not good enough to play this game. I can't get used to the controls. I lost level 1 over and over. What I saw up to their was good tho.