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Wow, why didn't I think of this?  It's a shame I didn't find any online tutorials or documentation dealing with this problem. Thanks a lot!

The key inputs. For some reason, they don't update properly for me. If I pess UP then RIGHT then release UP, then it still registers as UP for a second or so.

The dungeon was well done and visually appealing, but the combat was a bit hard for me. I didn't get how it works until the first enemy defeated me, and then the next few easily defeated me like I missed out on some powerup. Maybe I was just blind and didn't find something important. The combat otherwise is very creative, though I think a better tutorial would have helped a lot.

Great idea for a survival game! Though the mechanics were a bit hard to figure out, and by the time I did, I had done everything there is to do... I would love to see this concept in more depth like with base building or maybe automation, but for a jam, this was quite a good entry.

Great game! There were some problems with the different rooms, like the slow transition, getting killed by off-screen cannons and aiming the vine in the blind, but the exelent graphics and music more than made up for it! 

Here is another contribution, should you chose to accept it!

For me, this mouse controlled camera system always felt natural for some reason, so I didn't even think about a different approach. I'll definetly look into that for future projects. Thanks!

Thanks! Next time I'll try to team up with someone who can actually draw, but for now this is all I could do... I'm more programming focused, so altough I'm learning how to make sprites, I'm still not too good at it.

Quick question: can you shoot down the red turrets? I tried for multiple rounds and just couldn't, so either I'm bad or I'm not supposed to. Otherwise the game was fun after I realized I can go slower. It would really be nice to start with that speed, but it was a really great game.

It is a bit weird how you can climb an almost vertical surface, but otherwise the idea and execution was great!

Love the water effects and the whole look of the game in general. It is certainly challenging, especially the shore quarding mini-bosses, but I still had a lot of fun playing it. 

Such a cool idea. At first I found the barage of mini-games a bit confusing, but as I played, I got more and more attached to the idea. Well done!

Would have loved to see this as a full game. It has a lot of potential , and the procedural generation feels really well done. (And just a quick question, how did you get smooth controls with processing? I've been struggling with that for a while now)

If this a game in bad condition, I can't imagine ever making a good one. If you had 1 or 2 more enemies and some sound effects, I could play this for hours!

A good take on the "slide" puzzle games. It is unique, and the graphics are simple and readable. I had a bug where a blue ball would just slide across it's goal, so I couldn't progress further, but from what I did play, I can tell that this is a creative puzzle game brimming with creativity.

Great concept, and a lot of things can be done with it. For me, instead of being a logic game, it was actually a waiting game, bacause the walls often didn't seperate me from the exit, so I think a pre-generated maze would have been better.

I don't know anything about the original game mentioned in the previous comment, so after starting the game, I was really amazed. The destructable battlefield feels nice. Not knowing what a bullet would destroy could have been a big problem, but here I knew exactly what would be effected.

Thank you! Albeit the story is quite crude, I wanted to create at least something. Not sure I got the balance right (not too much or too little dialog), so thanks for the feedback!

The art is just amazing. It's pleasant to look at and everything is displayed very clearly. The only problem I had with this game was the combination of the dashing and jumping. I discovered that a dash->jump makes a big jump, but it wasn't enough to get you on the platforms in the first boss' room, so I might still be missing something...

This game is so satisfying to play... The movement, the visuals, the sounds, the attacks and enemies are all clear and well made, everething is readable. The changable controls were a really nice addition. The only small problem is that I sometimes couldn't see the bullets from the coins, but I guess you have to sacrifice certain things in a 64x64 space...

I never imagined a game like this would exist. And I'm glad that it does. Something like this would make a really good mobile game, if you are interested in developing this.

Thanks for the feedback! At first, it was going to be that way. 8x8 tiles of 8x8 sprites, but than I realized that it was very small. I couldn't create levels, so I decided to add this camera. I fiddled around with it a lot and I did the best I could, but I couldn't make it feel just right.

At first, it looks like a small puzzle game, but the difficulty ramps up quickly. I think the bacteria growing back is a bit annoying as you don't know which places have it and wich don't, but overall it was a nice game with good graphics and sound.

There are some minor bugs here and there, like deleting a red hockey-thingy while throwing another oone over it, but besides those, it was a really relaxing and chill game. (pun intended) After 13 levels killing 2 or 3 walruses with 1 throw is really satisfying, though a sound effect would be really good to indicate wether you hit them or not.

I love these types of turn based strategy games. Altough I'm not quite sure how the enemy attacks, it is fun to move my soilders around. I, like others before me, feel like it's a bit too easy, but if you take on the challange of killing them all instead of just escaping, it becomes a bit more difficult and balanced. 

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I don't know if it's just a client side problem, but for me, the game actually started with 64x64 pixels(really small). The gameplay was challenging but good, with everything feeling nice and tied-together. The art and music is also great. If you work on this post-jam, it can turn out to be quite a good rythmic shooter especially on mobile phones.

When the box is falling and you collide with it from the side, it kills you. I don't know if it's intentional or not, but for me it ended quite a few runs. Overall it has nice controls, and a vierd and unique idea. It could certainly be made into a full game.

A good concept with a lot of possible room to grow. I'd love to see more types of nodes that do different things, though I had a few minor problems, so here they are in order:

First, assigning the nodes some sprites that explain their behaviur would be nice. I tried to remember them, but it's hard if you only have the color to know them by.

Second, I don't know how familiar you are with your programming enviroment, but to check if a maze is solvable or not shouldn't be too hard to implement. With some extra logic, it could be optimized quite well, but that is rather advanced, so that isn't really a problem, more like a nice feature to have.

Also, the HUD is a bit cramped, so cleaning it up a bit and leaving more space between text would be a good idea I think.

The sprites could use some work, because though I understand the struggle to do art in such a low rez, I couldn't really figure out what is what. Also, the movement can be a bit slow especially when you are inspecting a room. The story was quite good, but I couldn't tell exactly what I was doing, so I only got the gist of it. With some better art, this could be a good point&click title, with a nice story. You have got the main programming done, now it's just a matter of expanding on it!

Good idea and execution. Though the controls are a bit hard to get used to, and get annoying sometimes, The puzzles are mostly very good. The one problem I have has to do with the 64x64 size. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the game room is 64x64, and the sub-pixel movement makes the actual resolution higher (though the sub-pixel movements look awesome). I know you are new to godot, but still, it was the premise of the jam, so if that's the case, I'll have to give a 1 star on that one...

Amazing sound and visual effects! The intro is great, the music is great and visually every thing looks clean and profesional. The movement is a bit hard to control, especially at the 1 tile jumps, but it has nice procedural generation and the game feel is amazing. 

(Also, the chain physics in use are even more mezmorizing)

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Wow, this really is a great game. Though maybe going textless in a 64x64 resolution window might have been a bold choice, I could actually understand what I'm doing which - with these limitations - is quite impressive. Also, after the 10th defeated enemy, just no more cards appear so I'm guessing that is the end of the game. Overall for a first project, this is really amazing. 

Also, love the way you implemented the grid system. It looks very clean and readable :)

(Sidenote: If you hover the cursor in the bottom pixel of the cards, the card will pop up and down. Just a small visual bug, but I thought I'd share it just in case)

Well, it just happens that I have one right next to me, so I went back and replayed it. After 49 deaths, I can say that though the insta-shoot enemy view enters are still a bit annoying, it is a fun game. The enemy AI is good, game feel is nice and the graphics are clear and understandable. It's a shame that it isn't really 64x64, but still a great game regardless 

As a completionist, this game was a nightmare. instead of the 5-10 minutes I wanted to give each game, this took me for a half-hour space tour, where I found almost 300 coins. The art is beautiful with unique tilesets for each area, which really helps you navigate. The movement was a bit slow for me, especially at tight parkour sections, but it fit the theme quite nicely

This is a unique concept of the old puzzle game, but the walking mechanics give it quite a bit of depth. Altough I feel the controls were a bit off, and seeing far away tiles is a bit hard, it is a unique concept with a lot of potential.

At first, I got a bit discouraged by the fact that there was no tutorial or a main menu, and I had to read a wall of text to understand the mechanics, which I think would discourage a lot of people from playing this otherwise  fantastic game. I thought not knowing how monsters would evolve would be bad, but after getting a bit involved and discovering some new variants, I had a bitter defeat and I found myself at the score of 507 souls and 289 hero kills. If theree was a documentation to note discovered monster types, I think I could play this all night ;)

First of all, good job on the pixel art. The spaceship is really good. Also, the main game loop has an interesting premise with the ink management and all, but I felt like backtracking at the end of the level can be a little repetative. It shows the amount of ink you collected, and encourages well managed resources, but backtracking through an empty room can be a bit long.

This is a nice platformer game with good physics, but not very friendly for people with different keyboards (like me). Overall, the game design has some minor problems like enemies insta-killing you on screen entry and respawning right next to you, but the level design was great. In the end, my keyboard made me give up,  but with changable controls, I imagine I'd be playing this for quite some time.

Thanks! I would say I'm usually good in game feel and programming, so I tried making a game as focused around that as possible. As for the level design, I couldn't get a lot of play-testing done, so thank you for the feedback. Continuing this project would certainly be nice, though I'd need an artist or get better at it myself, but thanks for the nice words!