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Oh, in that case my bad. I might have skipped some of the talking robots because simply swinging around was so much fun.

yeah, you are right. The difficulty could have used some work, and maybe I should have added more reasons to move units around. Maybe some other obstacles like enviromental hazards or something like that. Thanks for the feedback!

I always like a good grappling hook game, and the physics here are really nice, but I feel like the randomness doesn't fit with the precision platforming you are required to do. Sometimes random things are really beneficial and add tension to a game, but only if you can compensate for that randomness with skill. In this game, you need skill for good aiming, but then randomness decides wether or not you still fall in water. The game was really fun reagardless, but this mechanic lead to some fustrating situations.

The game is really fun, and fits the theme really well. My only complaint is that it isn't telegraphed where the purple comes from, so I got stuck in corners a lot, without any way of preparing for it.

I couldn't do anything once the ammo ran out, but it was a fun short game. Would have been better with sound effects, and a faster fire rate, but other than that, it was very polished.

The game feels really nice to control, and it looks really good. Would have bean really cool to see some more levels. Also, seeing the checkpoints might make it a bit better, so you know what you need to reach.

The mechanics are really unique and interesting, and the simple art and music really helped with the flow of the game. The only thing causing a bit of confusion were the destinations of each node, because my map became unreadable after a while. Maybe colored stations and colored paths might make it more readable, but other than that, it was a great game.

This is a very clever twist on tower defense games. I think levels with more unique and interesting layouts might have been better for this twist, but I had a lot of fun regardless

Great concept, but it started lagging to the point of becoming unplayable when 1 minute was left. Also the motion blur was a bit overwelming with the lag, but otherwise the beginning plays really well.

The slippery controls sound good in principle, but in practice it mostly makes the game more frustrating and inaccessable. I think having the controls change would have been good on their own, and then, it would become a game about quickly adapting to a new input, instead of trying to stay on a platform.

I think that a simple objective of get from point a to point b would have been better. As it stands, I can hide in a corner without attacking anithing or anything attacking me, and even if they find me, the blobs are pretty easy to avoid.

The mechanic is really unique, but to me, the gameplay felt more like experimenting with values than solving a puzzle. It was still interesting, and I think this concept could be taken a lot further.

A smoother transition would have helped a lot with orientation. Also, there were a few visual bugs that I have experienced which left me even more confused, and eventually, I fell out of bounds. There really is a lot of potential in a game like this, but I think the execution was a bit off.

The gimmick is very interesting, with easyer levels, it would have been really fun. Letting the player skip levels with enter was a good call in my opinion. Also, I think this game would work a lot better with a controller, which I unfortunately don't have.

It's a very good concept, where you can sort of set your own difficulty level for the game. I only dound minor bugs, like not being able to shoot in the direction you are going, because the character is faster, or the bullets sometimes shooting through a line of blocks. But these are just minor nitpick in an otherwise great game.

I really like both the aestatics of the game, which is why the odd over-scaled textures took me out of the experience a bit. Also, the camera would sometimes clip into walls, and the lack of vertical movement meant that depth perception was really hard. It was a really enjoyable game regardless of all the frustrating aspects.

I really like the concept here. The only problem I had, is that I spent most of my time playing with all 4 inputs intact, even though the most interesting situations happen when you have a few inputs missing. If the difficulty scaled with the amount of input you have, this would have been a really creative minigame, or even a rogelike.

The music and the art are really good, but mechanic-wise I have a few smaller problems. The controls felt a bit floaty, and that combined with quite a bit of waiting, and relatively slow respawn time made the experience a little fustrating in some levels. Other than that, the concept is good, and overall I had a good time playing it.

The art in the game is really good. I always liked voxel art. However, there were a few bugs I've discovered. The camera wouldn't always show the character (behind walls, off screen, etc). Also, the character sometimes got stuck in the enviroment. Also, I might just be blind, but I didn't see any story elements in-game. Otherwise it was a peaceful game, with a lot of potential.

The platforming is pretty hard, but that is not a big problem. My bigger complaint is with the character, becouse it sometimes felt a bit wierd to control. Otherwise, the music is good, and I think a lot more people could have finished it with checkpoints.

The controls were a bit difficult to manage, but after a while, I got used to it, and the game was pretty fun. My only nitpick is that starting at a point where you are facing the wall sometimes took me out of the zone a bit.

Thanks! I did add that, but forgot to add a tutorial text for it...

Thanks a lot!

Thanks! I have implemented shortcuts at the last minute (numbers 1-3) but forgot to add a textbox for it...

The art looks really good, and the game feel is overall nice, but the one-directional turning often leads to inescapable situations when lots of bullets are on the left.

I didn't have a lot of time for balancing, so thanks for the feedback!


It's a good idea for a small game. My only problem is that the game didn't scale too well, and it looked tiny on my ,omitor. Other than that, great job!

Enviromental changes could have been nice, but the room was pretty small already, and making the room bigger would mean I have to make a camera which would have been difficult for 3 players.

I had a few more mechanics planned, but ran out of time before I could implement them. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! Yeah, I really could have communicated the input a bit better... As for the turret situation, lowering the turret health might have been a solution, because you'd have to use it to avoid the incoming bullets.

This was such a fun game! It's on the short side, but it makes up for it by its sheer absurdity, and I really enjoyed it.

The shooting feels really good, but the ball going in a semi-random direction feels a bit off. I know it was the theme, but still. Otherwise, the music, the camera movement and the game feel all come together to make a really good experience.

It is a really nice game. I find that switching between using the mouse for the sliders, and the keyboard for the buttons is a bit weird, but other than that, it's a fast paced button smasher. It would be a really good application on a phone.

The neon colors and the time slowing effect are really well made. The mechanic is a really good idea, but it can easily be avoided by just not shooting any bullets and waiting for the level to pass. Forcing the player to shoot, or only completing the level when all enemies are dead could have been better solution in my opinion, but it's a great game regardless. 

It's a great concept, but putting down roads is a bit troublesome. It didn't always work for me. Maybe using another numbered key would have made it a bit easier, but other than that, I really got into a zen-like state while playing it.

If you are using unity, you should have uploaded the whole file, not just the .exe

Thanks! I may have over-compensated on the difficulty because all my previous jam-entries were super-hard. Well it should be an easy fix by lowering the player's healt. Thanks for the feedback!

Oh, I didn't even know you can resize like that :PAnd thanks for the tip. I was trying to jump over both gaps at the same time because I figured the spider would kill me

It's a bit difficult. Not only do I have to wait 7 seconds to shoot, but getting hit also resets the timer. Even when I wasn't hit and I passed between the bullets, the timer reset for some reason. Otherwise it's a good game, but I couldn't even beat the first enemy :P