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First of all, this project is dead... Second of all, make what exactly?

pretty good! i really like this, game, i want something like a room system, something like rpg, with multiple maps for different areas, maybe you can create some areas and put them toguether like puzzle pieces, that whould be cool!

i want this game to be good, so dont strain yourself, it dosent have to be perfect, you said the project was ambitious, so be carefull with stuff like scope creep, i really liked this game, and the atmosphere it gives off.

also, please improve the editor, when dealing with different heights, it can be a little annoying, other than that, creating a world feels pretty good! just some improvements and stuff.

i hope this game becomes the masterpiece it deserves to be!

Dustforce community · Created a new topic wow

didnt know this even existed! i have the demo in my xbox 360

cool ^-^

The Fisrt GBstudio Game EVER!
You are Cool 8)

What to Do

the Best Bitsy game ive Played

This is a Sweet little Gameand i Love It ^-^

i hope this gets More Attencion, you Deserve it! the Graphics are Nice, the Story is Good, i Love this Too Much!


me too!

all i Know About it its That Somebody Made a Super Mario Maker Thing for Android with It

Also i Forgot to Mention This:

  • Song BPM so that Sprites can Bob to the Beat of the Music


Here are some Sugestions for the next Update!

  • CutScenes (Inport a Video File)
  • Dialogue
  • Character Boundary Editor (be able to Make more Customised Sprite Sheets)
  • Dinamic Objects (Objects that can Move Around the Screen, Block GUI and Change Player HP)
  • Events ("Custom" Notes that do Stuff such as Creating Objects Draining Health, ETC)
  • MP3 Compatibility

You Dont need to Add some of These, but if you Can, Please Do.

-Dimsword35 ;D

You Used a Super Mario Framework i Know that Also works on Android, Anyway, Please Add English Linguage

Make all Versions of it Free because while its Paid on Microsoft Store and Play Store...

It is Free Here

Like Why is it Free Here but Everywhere Else is it Paid?

Extra Content? More Polish? i Wanna Know pls Respond :P

i think i know the engine thats used

this is so cool :D

Good Job!

Im Back i Changed my Email to my New One


2)My account is diyng i have a new email so it is dead, hopefully you still be able to play the game tho

i have a platformer conroler that can move, then when you press a number, the corresponding block appears, i usd the save slot feature to save levels, basically every level is just a save file with a corresponding name, when you press "load" on the title screen, it will load the slot with what you typed in the text bar.


seems fun

Game: Has level editor


Scruffy = Immediate 10/10

but thats just a theory, a GAME THEORY

this is a mod for celeste classsic, celeste classic looks like that its for old consoles

does this work on any other functions that arent function  TIC? i want a custom fuction to play an animation

add some lore maybe, not too deep, it can be as simple as:

parasites are destroying the crewmate population, stop it.

seems fun


its like, the first version of minecraft

soo good! i loved it! please use this engine to make a longer game!

i wish i had pico 8, but its paid, so i have to stick with other fantasy consoles, such as tic-80, i recomend you to try other fantasy consoles/computers. for me, there all realy intresting.