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Congrats lmao you're now famous

Thanks, its not for the faint of heart I guess lmao. I do of course plan to have a much more gradual build up in difficulty eventually, but I thought it best to showcase the kind of difficulty I envisioned.

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Yeah I think I noticed that earlier too. I have no idea what causes it, but it seemed to happen mostly when I jumped to another one of the blocks after. I'll look into it soon.

And yeah the coins are kinda there to bait you off the easy path and give you an optional challenge.

The game is not playable in browser because the control scheme would make it irritating. You'll thank me later.

Though I appreciate the detailed feedback @Hamfist McMutton

It's a college dev thing, so you're right about it being slapped together in a day. Just uploading for the sake of having something up.


@Hamfist McMutton

Only XInput controllers are compatible (xbox controllers), as its a 4-player game

delete your game


i disagree