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Dillon Gunn

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This is such a clever puzzle game, I love it. Charming pixel art too!

This is really cute, love the graphics/style!

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Curse of the Golden Dice

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it

I had lots of fun playing this game. I had an “oh shit” moment when I was standing on one of the big crates and the dice broke it. It was a bit easy to avoid their attacks on the ground, but that was complicated by the red dice appearing around wave 6 and shooting dice at me. Great job! Hope you continue to work on it post-jam :)

I like how you turned the theme of rolling the dice into a launcher game. I hope you continue to work on it post-jam :)


The artwork here is amazing! I lost my soul to Kali more times than I can count, but I finally got a score of 20 on normal. I’ll definitely be playing this more to nail a good strategy and conquer hard mode.

Great arcade game! I like how rolling for an event is tied to the button to attack enemies, and how satisfying it is hitting bullets and enemies. Good job, hope you work on it more post-jam :)

This is a really good puzzle game, it took a lot of trial and error but the frustration was offset by how chill the music and atmosphere is. Great job, hope you iterate on it more post-jam :)

This is a really fun tower defense game! I love how polished it is, and satisfying little details such as the towers getting taller with upgrades, and the dice determining your gold every round. It took a few retries to get going but it never felt frustrating. Great job!

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll definitely implement those improvements post-jam :)

This was really fun and really frustrating but still really fun aaaaaaaaaaaa

Pretty cool platformer, good job!

This is one of the best puzzle games in this jam, I love the simplicity and charm of it! Great job!

Cool game, great job on this!

This is a great game! Took a while to get used to how far the bunny jumps when the dice roll 4 and above, I think a faint grid over the level would help in counting 4, 5 and 6 spaces away, but otherwise you did a good job! Hope you continue to work on it more post-jam :)

This is a really cool idea! I like how everything is presented and how simple it appears. It takes a while to get into the right position to attack with the sword, but it makes sense since allowing the player to attack an enemy directly next to them would make both them and the AI stay in the same place and hope to get a sword on their next turn. I think maybe a spear attack would make up for this nicely, where you can do an strong attack from two spaces away. I hope you continue to work on this post-jam!

Thanks, glad you like it!

This is a really cool game, great job!

Cool game, great job!

Really cool and addicting game, good graphics too, great job!

This is one of the best puzzle platformers I’ve seen in this jam, really well-designed puzzles and lots of potential for more! I’m also a big fan of Fancade on mobile :) Hope you continue to work on this idea post-jam!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed playing!

Cool take on the theme, I hope you expand on it post-jam!

Really cool game, I love the feel of the combat, good job!

Very fun game, I like this take on the theme, great job!

Really cool game, I enjoyed it a lot :)

Really cool puzzle game, I love it!

Interesting take on the theme, good job!

This is a pretty unique platformer, frustrating but fun, good job :)

I love the retro vibe, great game!

Fun platformer, I like the music as well, good job!

Really cool idea, great job!

This was pretty cool, gave me Realm of the Mad God vibes, good job!

Cool game, I really like the idea and execution, great job!

Great puzzle game, it got quite challenging towards the end but I really enjoyed figuring it out!

Challenging but fun to try and get right, good job!

I really like this idea, great job on the presentation :)

Great puzzle game, hope you make more levels post-jam :)