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There's so many typos, as mentioned in a previous post, including one on the back cover ("fieldmouse generations" is repeated twice), are these going to be addressed? I'd have hoped they'd be fixed before ordering a physical copy, but as I can see the aforementioned typo on the back cover in the screens on exaltedfuneral I think I'll wait for an updated version

Oh I see, well I’m excited to run the game and I’ll link my players here if they like it and want to buy a copy too!

Aw, I bought on DTRPG, what's the "something exclusive?" I'm not getting for buying here?

you gotta spend guts to ask “where can I hide here?”

what are the special actions on the bottom right of character sheets? I dont see any explaination in the rules 

A big improvement!

2400 community · Created a new topic Being helped

When being helped you roll your ally’s skill die, is that in addition to your own d6 (taking the higher result) or instead of? The emergency rules didnt explain things further. It seems if both are bound by the results its often preferable for the skilled player to tackle the roll solo? Thanks!

Back to say I just bought my physical copy! Cheers John <3

Hi John, I'm one of the fortunate ones to have claimed a community copy. It's a wonderful thing you did to let people such as myself get a PDF of your wonderful game, I wanted to say thank you for making such a kind gesture. The game looks spectacular and I hope it does well and gets the support it needs, and when Covid-19 is all over and done with and my mental health improves I hope to get some money together to buy a physical copy as repayment, and to let others know about the game as well as your other titles. Stay safe <3