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Digital Adobo

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Hello Michael,
Thank you very much for your response. I replaced the Game Installer with a compressed application. This should fix the problem.

I'm truly sorry for the trouble. 

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Sorry for the inconvenience, did the game show any error before it crash? Which version are you using?

Created a new topic Suggestions and Feedback
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Your opinions are important! And it's necessary to polish the game. Feel free to write it down below.

Created a new topic Changelog
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Version 0.1.0 Alpha
This is the first playable prototype of the game where you can walk around and punch enemies. Enemies will randomly walk around the area and will fight back if attacked.

  • Enemy A.I.
  • Randomize enemy features (Hair style, face, clothes) on spawn.
  • Damageable enemy and Player.
Version 0.2.0 Alpha
  • HUD (HP Bar, EXP Bar, Character Frame, Score, Level, Warning Sign).
  • Normal Push Carts and Active Rocket Soda Equipped Push Carts.
  • Food Drops, nom nom.
  • Everyone now wear pants!
Version 0.3.0 Alpha
  • You won't need to be alone anymore Player 2 is here!
  • Shop clerks are here!
  • Food for everyone : Shop clerks will drop foods as they walk.
  • Don't mess with me : Shop clerks are Over powered, don't mess with them.
  • Added death animation.
  • Added nom effect.
  • Added shadows on players, enemies, carts, and item.
Version 0.4.0 Alpha
  • Gamemodes. Push cart race, food mayhem and the standard beat all enemies.
  • Added Energy Bar. Movement and attacks will now deplete energy.
  • Added checkpoint room, shop room and house.

Version 0.5.0 Alpha

  • Auto save. Your progress is not in vain no more.
  • Added Player Shop
  • Player can now buy clothings and customize their nommies
  • Gym! Use your collected calories to strengthen yourself.
  • Weapon Shop! Buy partially reliable wepons.
  • Anvil, repair your weapons.

The game doesn't currently support controller. Though, it will be implemented soon.

I think I might made the game quite hard. I minimize the time I use testing the game quite much that's why. Though I think it works well, since squirrels are quite nuts sometimes.

I use Game Maker Studio

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Hello itch.io community! I proudly announce that I recently released my 2D platform shooter game titled Bad Bots Rises. Equip the the most devastating guns and clear out the streets off of robot invaders.

Please do check it out.