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Please upload the game to instead of giving a Google Drive link. If you upload it to, people can download it instantly. On Google Drive I had to wait 2-5 minutes for it to generate a zip file of the game folder that I can download..

I'm excited to see how the story continues! 

Select a part and press delete on your keyboard 

Very good game, the trees looked really alive!


Can you add some controls info?

This is really impressive, I've been playing nier a lot lately and this was so awesome to play through. Well done!

Missing UnityPlayer.dll, make sure it's in the same location as the game and zip it again. The dll should be somewhere in your unity project's folder. I can't just download it or get it because it depends which unity version you used.

Sorry, could you please explain? Is it too hard to control?
I'd prefer if you didn't type comments in all caps.

Sorry, could you please explain? Is it too hard to control?
I'd prefer if you didn't type comments in all caps.

Hey! Yeah, I forgot that but Sonic starts out without any rings, so he's actually vulnerable from the start. 

That means if you make a "good enough" boss that kills Sonic before he even gets 3 rings indeed he'll just die right away.

Thanks for your comment!

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I understand, HTML5 would've been a better option, but I own Game Maker Studio 1 Professional without any of the really expensive modules, so I don't have android or HTML5 modules and they're super expensive :\ but I understand that html5 or android might have been a more fitting format, in fact, I made the game with mobile conversion in mind, but of course I can't because I don't have the modules.

Thanks again though :)

Thank you so much :D

Right even after downloading it still didn't work when I tried opening the SWF, not in chrome and not in firefox. I finally got the game to work as an SWF and to show up on this page. You have to change a setting in Chrome, here's how you get the game to work in chrome on this page, you can also drag and drop the SWF into Chrome after this method:

- Go to your Chrome settings (the 3 dots in the top right of chrome and click Settings)

- Type "flash" in the search bar at the top, it'll show a yellow bubble with "flash" pointing at "Settings for content" at the bottom, click on it.

- Click on Flash

- Turn off the second switch "Ask first", apparantly not all sites actually ask like over here, after turning Ask first off, try opening this page again or restart chrome and the game should  work

I hate to say it but I'm on chrome which comes with Flash built in and updated, and I don't see any grey screen to begin with. There's nothing.

Could you try exporting it to SWF and uploading that as  a download?

Hey! Nice game, unfortunately it does not fit requirements for the weird game jam. I see you hosted a Python Jam too.

Here are some hints for next time:

- Add a gameplay element, right now you can get through the game by just answering "y" every time
- Answering "n" at any point causes the application to just exit, that's not very user friendly and leaves the user confused

I'm assuming you're just starting out with programming, and in that case this is a good start, but consider my hints for a better try next time :)

- Digaly

Yeah, thanks :)

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Hey, I haven't done jams other than the weekly hour game jam where you're only allowed one hour total of work on a project.

How do jams like these work? Is the total time you're allowed to spend on it 2 weeks (the submission period), or are you allowed to work on it even before the jam starts?

Edit: Well I suppose it doesn't really matter so long as you submit within the submission time, I see people had projects they had already going that they will submit to the jam even before the jam had started.