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Looks so good! Go on!

Hey man it looks very nice!

You're right!

Wow! So much insistence! I wonder if I'm able to work so many time for some project... Good luck! I hope your game will be released eventually!

New masterpiece of game industry!

This game is about the beaver which wants to eat 1000 pelmeni to satisfy his hunger.

Eat pelmeni!

Eat them fast to call the turtle!

Run away from the pineapples!

And hope that the lightning wouldn't strike in you!



Hi all. My name is Daniil. I am a beginner in game development but I hope you'll enjoy my game which you can find on my page :)

Sounds intriguing :) Good luck!

Is it right that the title of your topic is '...devloP'? May be 'devloG'? :)

Very good!


Looks very good!

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New masterpiece of game industry!

There is the beaver which wants to eat 1000 pelmeni...

There is the turtle which throws the slices of pizza to help him...

There is the hamster which throws the pineapples to stop him...

There is my little project...

And there is my bad English...


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