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This was announced to be start of a trilogy. Any news on that?

That's the curse of good work. ;-)

Great puzzler! The 40 levels will keep me occupied for some time. ;-) 

First batch? So more updates to come.?

As you already did some C64 ports meanwhile, may this one get a C64 release now, too?

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Really cute turtle!

Great game but I hate highscore tables which are not saved. ;-)

May it be that the highscore-file is never loaded?

How about a native C64 version?

Always awesome what Alf Yngve makes out of SEUCK.

Update introduces a new bug: Starting a new round after once being game over the MISS counter goes mad: Putting the head at seemingly random positions starting from second miss.

Cool game! Worth the few bucks.

Still no english version available. :'-(

Header of this page seems to be an upscaled C64 multicolor picture. How about sharing it as file?

Played some similar games. But that bouncing is new to me. ;-) Well done!

This is a really nice shooter! Thanks for making it.

Derbyshire Ram (RIP Barry) would have loved the intro!Very cute one!

Well playable and good looking game for that size!

Looking forward to an extended version of this game!

The cracks list 2 bugs: Faulty highscore detection and borked ending. Bugfix?

Finally the text was adjusted for the xmas edition. But you can hide behind snowmans, not cacti. ;-)

Errors in lines 985 and 1196 - no target linenumbers after GOTO. :(

Any updates here or is this final?

How about integrating the cheatmode as a switch instead of creating a second version for a few bytes changed? Entering highscore table should be skipped when cheat is enabled.

So I guess we can expect a V3 of this game sometime. ;-)

Bugfix for the missing grey on titlescreen: Set $d022 to $0b. Game sets $d022 and $d023 but title routine does not initialize these values, so $d022 is default value $01.
Cool that you decided to use Richard's enhancements. He has a lot of experience with SEUCK.

Would be strange to hide that in the options. ;-)

Lowest line of play screen also looks buggy if you watched the score table before.

English version planned?

Congratulation: You've been cracked. ;-)

Nice graphics, but some more gameplay would be cool.

Nice little game. But would look much better with soft-scrolling.

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Cool! And now please port it to back to C64. ;-)

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Endsquence in version 1.1 is still buggy on NTSC, so crackers had to fix it 100%. V1.2 coming?

BTW. The Laxity crack of V1.0 worked fine besides the missing NTSC fix of the endsequence which was still as bugging on NTSC as the original.

NTSC version has a glitch after a new level starts, the GET READY sprites disappear and the play sprites pop up. Rest seems to be OK.