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Aw it's totally okay! I understand things get busy during the holidays. And no worries, I was happy to give the money for the game, you guys deserved it!! Aw that'd be great to get future codes, you guys are too awesome!! :D

Another AMAZING game guys!! Keep up the great work! :D

Heyo! It's been a few days, so just checking in. Did ya see my last message?

Oh my gosh! That'd be great actually :D Especially since right now I literally cannot get my hands on $2 XD

Ooh, a code? Probably a dumb question, but what would the code do? :o

Heyo! It's me!(I used to be MethODDical) :D

I'm planning to make a video for Episode 2 sometime soon, so I decided to replay the first one first!

Hope ya like it ;3