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Finn and Haves as a couple, that would be so freaking nice, finn as the power uke and haves as the super seme ;) ? :3 ;)) either way I'm excited for this game!

First of all, there's no problem in taking your time! In the end it's better for everyone and it would be a pity if you needed to stress yourself even more than you already do and that's why do it in your pace and I'll gladly wait a bit longer if that means that the game's quality is higher and the team had more fun doing it.

1. I'm okay with both since they both interest me :)

2. yeah!

3. + 4. auf jeden fall! definitely! I think things like that are really interesting and help us understand more of what you have to do to ensure that this game works at its best.  for me personally youtube would be the best

Thank you!! That was it, I just played that scene again and this time I told him everything and the scene was soo cool!!! *-* now I have every cg :)

it's the last one that's missing. Perhaps the third cg for monty? At least he's the only one that just has two cg's.

thank you very much :))

First of all, wonderful game. It is so well written and the story was so full of suspense and I loved the aspect of how you get to know more and more with each route you play so that you have the full picture after playing all the routes!! The art is gorgeous and the cg's really awesome and well used!! I know it's coming late but about the after stories, have they been already published? And idk why because I've played all the endings but one CG is still missing out of the total 12 CGs? Is there any special way to achieve that cg or did I do something wrong? 

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I'm already hooked with this game tbh. I mean you always make good games so I'm not even surprised that I'm in love with this game. It looks so freaking promising, intriguing, exciting, mysterious,etc!! The art style is gorgeous to say the least , the aesthetics, the setting absolutely dark and beautiful at the same time. The characters are whats the most interesting tbh, I'm so curious and excited to get to know them and their story and obviously romance them all ;)) When I firstly visited this site, after playing the first red embrace I immediately fell in love with Heath (which partly has something to do with his name but also his looks and the little character sheet I've read) so it goes without saying that I will play his route first. But I didn't expect the others to be equally as interesting as him so even though they might not be my type (visually) they are so interesting and likable and I already know that I'll fall in love with all of those characters and also the story. 

Obviously it is linked to the other, first game and I really love that. The first game was already so freaking good but since it wasn't that long there were still open questions about the whole vampire world and all of that and now we get to play behind the scenes in one of the gangs and I love the idea by splitting them into different personality groups. The first game introduced features like the fact that you could change the personality of your mc by your choices and I'm in love with things like that because I like to be more sassy and confident and a bit of a tsun-tsun :D - playing hard to get xD and often the mc is just a pretty friendly person which is awesome but still if you want to be a bit teasingly mean it's always the bad route you'd get ,so I hope that will be different with this personality you give to your mc. Because in your first game it was a bit of a pity that choosing the bold options led to their bad routes and I hope it won't be like that in the new game but I already saw a huge improvement in the demo. Since adding the different houses will probably ensure that you being bold or whatever can be the good choice for some characters.

Also you added the option for customising your mc's gender or the appearance and that is absolutely amazing and really thoughtful. Not many devs do that, so massive compliment for that!! You also consequently changed the text and the pictures according to how the mc looks and what it wants to be adressed as. That probably took a lot of time and you still did that and I appreciate that very much :) and then the npc's will remember how you treated them. How amazing can it get ?

I'm excited for this game and my theories are running wild. Especially for Randal. I mean I already thought that he has this whole Jesus Jared Leto vibe going on but when I saw his stigmata,the tattoos and also the fact how his group dynamics are, I got really suspicious. That can't be a coincidence, or am I just overanalyzing ? :D

Finally I have two questions: Is it possible to romance someone of the other house. So If I'm from the Iscari house is it possible to get together with Randal? And if that is a yes, will there be also some other dialogues ? And secondly: will there be any smexy times ? Because unfortunately there weren't any in Red Embrace. 

All in all, I have high hopes and if Red Embrace was the totally awesome ice cream then Red Embrace:Hollywood probably will be the even bigger and better ice cream with cherry on top. So you can guess that this game is already on my wish list on steam

I just rated the demo but I don't know whether you can see it. But to sum it up: I'm hooked. The story, the characters, the layouts and aesthetics, the soundtracks , the art style and CGs, the mistery. the fact that is is fully voiced, I'm loving it ;) and also the boys are all pretty smexy I don't even know where to start. Since I love the teasing types I think I'll be pretty happy about those love interests :D :3

Yeah!! Can't wait!! *-*