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Thanks for the feedback.

Yeah, an actual Rakugo performance is often 30 minutes long; a 'short' rakugo is like ten minutes.  So trying to make a short one, that actually acted like a Rakugo, is one of the biggest challenges to any Rakugo Detective stuff.

And you are 100% right about the text coloring.  We tried a bunch of combinations of colored text, colored backgrounds for text, and that was what we finally threw our hands in the air and said 'we're going gold' with.  Definitely something I would have liked to do better and will concentrate on more the next time.

Neat. It took a couple of tries to see exactly what I was supposed to do, but once I understand the plot of the system it was simple enough.

I topped out at Year 8, myself; I just couldn't get my snake any longer than that.

Main suggestions for improvement would be:

1. Maybe a line or two to stipulate what the goal is. Someone less wiling to try stuff might not realize: Oh, I have to eat the red and yellow snake butt.

2. Maybe make whichever part you are flash a bit, at least the start of a cycle, especially for those who are colorblind so they can know what snake they're controlling.  I'm not colorblind, myself, and I kept getting confused at the start of a round as to which snake I was controlling; so I can just imagine the horror a CB person would suffer.

But overall, a neat little game.

Sorry, I don't entirely understand what you mean?  Are you referring to the copyright information I included in the credits? That's just the year those resources were produced.  When I purchased the rights to use them it is technically part of the EULA to use that exact verbatim of copyright wording.

I did wait to start making the game until the allotted day (actually almost the next day, because it took me the whole first day to write the plot out).  But the engine I used was created in 2012, the music in 2015, some of the graphics in 2011.  I mean, Unity was released in 2005 - but I don't think using it disqualifies you for the jam. ;)

I'm glad you liked the story, though. =D