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A dark story about losing your identity tempered with amusing side quests. Play as Morgan, a young female ranger, as you seek your origins while battling the dangers of the land of Istoria.  Fourphans is a retro RPG with a compelling story, rich music, challenging puzzles, varied landscapes and encounters and a really mean bad guy.

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The king's robe in dwarf emote 2 bleeds into the viking dwarf to its left.  Can we get an update at some point?  This is for MV.

Ok here's how I did it.  A single event with two pages.  1st page I used the top left hand corner of the bubbles in the Image box.  2nd page I used the bubble 4 rows below in the Image box.  On 1st page, set a custom route with down, left, right, up, switch 0021 on.  On 2nd page, set a custom route with down, left, right, up switch 0021 off.  On 2nd page, set the condition to switch 0021.  Works like a charm.

Thank you.  I will try that.

I noticed you have a bubble animation in there, called char_bubbles.  For RMMV, does we should put it in img/characters.  Tried getting them to animate as an event but not any real success.