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Ivan Dionízio

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Can you upload the Linux version here and on GOG as well? It's unfair making it available only on steam.

Any plans to bring it to store?

Looks great! And a linux build is always welcome :D

Same. Is there any explanation?

Hi, looks like a cool game! Any chance for a Linux demo/release? Really thanks for your time.

Got the demo for Android and it's a nice game, congrats!

Btw, any chance for a Linux release? I'd happily buy it and then recommend it to others :) Cheers.

All the time you need, bud :) Gonna test it once you release a Linux build then I'm going to recommend it to tux gamers as well to give you more feedback. Just let me know when you make it available. Really thanks

Hello, your game looks interesting. Could you make a Linux build available as well for download? I'd love to test it on my Lubuntu :D Cheers

ok! I'll gladly buy it then! :D

Will this game be available on GOG as well?

The game downloads but won't install using client for Linux! Sad!

Very cute game