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Muy buen juego, muy bello. Les agradezco.

Beautifull artstyle I just had one go. Will replay it a few days from now. Really really liked the aesthetic and the idea.

It was very simple, but cute nonetheless. I liked the round nature of the ending. Good job!

It's a little difficult to play, when I saw the download didn't know how to open it untill I went into the game page. Maybe change it for the link to play it online for ease of access.

I really really liked the theming, the story along with the style. And the gameplay got me hooked. Congratulations! Great little game.

I really liked the artstyle and the sound, it's a great little prototype, very polished! Congratulations on a cute little puzzle game.

Very fun and quircky, didn't find any bugs. Wholesome little game about stapling.

I really liked the aesthetic that the music and the background suggested along with the cyclones and all the enemies being spiny, but the character was a little confusing in that sense. The cyclones are a fun mechanic, I maybe just thought I'd be playing as one.

It was a little difficult at first to understand what was going on, but the mechanic was interesting enough to stick around for a few levels. Just needs a little bit of polish but you might have something on your hands, congratulations!

I liked the quirky character personalities.

I quite liked the art style and the ideas for the minigames.

I liked it a lot, got hooked and just had to finish it!

I got hooked on the game quite quickly and just had to finish it. Great game!