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thank you very much :)

thanks very much for replying and your criticism :)

I’ll make sure to take them into account for my future games :D

thanks very much :)

Wow this game is so cool! I love the art style and the music :)

Thanks for playing :)

Ah, that's a really good idea! It reminds me of the random bag system they have in the newer Tetris games, I'll definitely add that if I continue this idea.

(also I'll shorten the animations or add a way to skip them)

Thanks for playing and the advice :)

ah, thanks for saying :D

Thanks very much :)

I like the concept that you came up with, the only thing is that I found that I could kinda cheese the game by spamming the S key while spinning, that would be an easy fix though with an ammo meter or something similar.

Anyways you've made a good, fun game that one day could one day become a great full game , well done :)

Fun concept!

It was a bit confusing to begin with but after a while I got the hang of it.

The art looks great (also good choice of music).

Ooh I love the concept!

The game felt good to play, being your first game its great!

The only thing I'd say is that the guns could have been a bit more different, maybe a crossbow which can go through several enemies for example (if you're wondering how you can do that have the projectile destroy itself after a timer rather than if it collides with an enemy).

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Great concept!

The art and audio are great and I love the little fish facts that you added.

With the gameplay it started off slow but as soon as I got a screen shaking combo it felt amazing!

The only thing I'd say is that having to click the fish button every time is a bit tedious, apart from that The game is great :)

(Also I now have the combo theme stuck in my head)

Wow, just wow.

The concept that you came up with is amazing, I love how you can control both the hero and the enemy's attacks. Also adding tooltips to the dice is a nice touch.

The only thing that I could say you could improve on is that you could add an in-game tutorial and more content (but I could say that about any game).

If you continue to work on this game I am definitely going to follow it's progress!


Thanks for playing :)

Yeah... I'm definitely going to take that into account when I make my next game :D

Thanks very much :)

no problem :)

Yeah I was playing in fullscreen, also I ran it with Safari on a Mac if that makes any differences

Thanks very much :)
Wow that's super cool! I never actually thought about that, how even though it's random it was still the players choice to pick those items.

Also if I come back to this idea I'll definitely add a dice visulisation

The idea is pretty good, I love the art and the music was great.

I spent a few minutes wondering what to do with the dice (and several restarts when I threw them off of the screen) until I found out that you're meant to put them in the white boxes.

The gameplay was good but the graphics started freaking out after the 2nd turn

Anyways, great job on making it in such a short time :)

Thanks for playing :)

That's luck for you lol

Thanks :)

Yeah... If I was to go back and add a feature it would definitely be a skip button for the animations (or to shorten them in general)

Thank you very much for playing :)

Thank you very much :) That's very good to hear as I feel that my past games have been laking in those fronts.

cool, thanks for letting me know 😁

Criticality community · Created a new topic Mac version

This game looks really good but its windows only, is there any chance of it getting a Mac build?

Amazing! Thanks for making this :)

So cute!

thanks :)

im using crossover on Mac so im probably just going to have no music in my game as any other program I try to use on crossover either works perfectly or not at all.

I can still make sound effects in audacity though :D

Hi, I opened my midi file into openMPT but I can't hear anything, has anyone else had this problem before?

never mind, I was able to get it to install :)

I do have another question though, how did you get sprites to render on the screen?

nice, do you have any tips for using devKitPro? Im on Mac and im having some problems setting it up

This game's amazing so far! The music, the animations and everything else were just amazing!

What tools did you use to make this?

looks cool :

Cool game

I right clicked the .app file, clicked show package contents, opened contents, MacOS and opened the file in there. Hope this helps :)

Never mind I got it to work :)

The Mac demo doesn't work for me, it just comes up with a black screen

No problem :)