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It's a pity to lose the bonus to woodcutting from the axe upgrades. There is no market to trade the extra wood so it was not really unbalanced.

A bit too difficult for me, would be easier with checkpoint, but it was fun to play. Movement was smooth and level design is well thought. Great job :)

Thanks for your comment. We would have wanted to make a bit more of context but the game jam limitations are there.

Hope you had a good time :)

That is surely a weird game. I liked the idea of it. The art is good and the levels are difficult enough to be enjoyable. However, the lack of SFX is a bit dissapointing, hope you have time next time. Also, movement feels a bit forced. 

Decent game overall for a Game Jam :)

Big thanks from the whole team for playing our game :D

Thanks for the advise, I was about to faint searching for a solution but I saw it was impossible. 

Here you have it. Hope you like it :)

Sure! It will be up and running in a few minutes :)

Only one word can describe it: inspirational. It can make no sense at a glance, but it makes sense in your eyes if you think about it as a part of ourselves. I have seen fear, sadness, hope, glory and angriness. All in a very different ambience from a mere forum or social media. Well job to the creator and to the composer.

Everyone should play this game at least once.

Original, simple and with good music and graphics. Gameplay is well polished with space to add more. It has potential as a protoype.

A good competitor for winning a gamejam.

Hug me

Thanks :D A good search on wikipedia does it all ;)

The big spider rotation is not well set. Try rotating the sprite :)

Good visuals and interesting gameplay. Still, it is easy when you don't die as a ghost. Could be better if when you died extra obstacles appeared.

The background music fits the game and the design is well thought.

It is a 3.5/5 for me :)


It made me laugh XD well done!

If you think I made it "if you can make it one button for two players I'll bow to your greatness... with a picture to prove it... you adorable genius" maybe these challenge is completed. I demand my reward ;)

I wanted to push the "one button" to the limit ;) With only the x button there is multiplayer... if you fight for who presses the button >:D

Thanks for the comment :)

It can be multiplayer if the players fight for the button ;) And it is the first time I create the music myself so I still need practice with that.

Thanks for the comment :D

It is original and has nice level scaling difficulty. Well done :)

It is original and has nice level scaling difficulty. Well done :)

I thought of adding a button reset but it wouldn't be as intense. Every click matters.

Also I didn't want a level select as this is meant to be a story of fixing this complex -yet useless- machine.

Thanks for the comment :)

Didn't have to make them :( I would have liked to give it some retro sounds but I ran of time. 

Thanks for the comment :)

Thanks a lot :D That was the main idea: not giving the opportunity of reset makes it more intese ;)

I did it in one day :D If I had more time...

Still, thanks for playing :)

Not bad. Still you can make in less clicks ;)

My lower number of clicks was 246 but I think it can be made in less :D Thanks for playing

Beautiful number, isn't it? 1446006

Thanks for playing ;)

That was the idea ;) 

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I didn't think about it. My fault. Just another lesson learnt :D The button was in the end. The red green square.

Thanks for playing it :)

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I didn't think about it. My fault. Just another lesson learnt :D The button was in the end. The red green square.

The Loop drove me crazy :) Nice game, not the best visuals nor audio, but the gameplay is very good :D

Nice visuals and cool place to explore. Still the jumping felt a bit unrealistic and difficult to control.

I had a good laugh with the jump flip :) Nice game

I wanted to do it but ran out of time. It is my foult. Just another lesson :)

Thanks for the comment :D

Something like that was the idea. Just having fun making silly drawings and pretend they are letters :D My little brother had a fun time with it.

Thanks for the comment :D

Oh yes! I forgot to explain. When you complete all the letter you can press the letter on your keyboard and the symbols you drawed will appear. You don't need to draw then right. Just be creative!

Thanks for the comment :)

No problem :D

Thanks for the review :D We were not able to add sfx and music as we don't have anyone who knows about it.

I don't get any problem. Maybe you have to enable pop up screens. Here you have the link just in case