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yeah ive been wanting help to develop this a little further. but im happy with it atm but if it could be developed further that would be great. As for the controls i haven't figured out a fix for that sadly. you will just have to fiddle with it   

im trying to build upon this further 

     by adding

  1. Zoom out/zoom in
  2. Basic system information ex: star temp,number of planets
  3. Basic looping ambiance
  4. Maybe stars in shape of a sprial galaxy
  5. Random gen every run
  6. Basic star/planet/moon textures

I'm trying to copy this somewhat{mostly ui and zooming out and zooming in and with the smaller boxes and information}

but I'm currently stuck and could use some help.

if any of you are able to help or get on board with developing this i greatly appreciate it

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Trying to make a Microsoft flight sim 5.0-5.1/95  Esque flight sim game that would fit in this realm. I need someone to make some assets similar to the game {Examples below}. like buildings and textures in this style  and overall just some help and guidance And this may be far fetched but maybe a scaled down earth map like what the game had but that may be too much. 

Btw i already have the flight system i would just to need to implement  it to the models

you can contact me here i may open a discord group if i get more then 1 guy



Historia del FSMicrosoft Flight Simulator for Windows 95 Download Game | GameFabrique

Microsoft Flight Simulator' chronicles the evolution of the much loved PC  game (VIDEO) | Tech/Gadgets | Malay Mail

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Hi I've had 2 years of experience in fl studio for designing sounds and music. I will make you sounds or music or both for projects you are making. Below i have a sheet of what my rates are. along with some examples 

I Require 30% upfront. payment through PayPal.

You can contact me though here itch or email me at i also can do discord Devo343#0831.

Vintage Fast paced example

are you extracting it using winrar

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this is a good concept but my suggestions are make the legs move more freely and more flexible movements on the tripods. they could use sounds also like a horn and walking sounds. edit:nvm they have sounds 

im trying to come into contact with you i wanna know if im able to use your 3d model of lebron james i wanna use it in pac3 gmod but i need a 3d model

great game with a cool atmosphere