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There is a video about this on the Brackeys channel called "HOW TO GAME JAM!", just watch it.

Very cool effects and music. A very interesting idea, it reminded me of a Git. Keep up the good work!

Good job bro...

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I think if I understood correctly, then the player may not go on the right path. I think it might not be worth guiding him down the right path. It seems to me that most players do not read the lines, and some simply do not know how, because they are of a different nationality. My opinion is to give the player freedom of choice, not try to lead him (maybe this is a hint of multiple endings?). Good luck to you

Finished the game in 20 seconds, I guess. I still don’t understand what should have been done, but I think you made a cool bro lol...

Very atmospheric bro.

Very addicting gameplay. Keep up the good work.

This is a very interesting idea for the game. I like it.

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Hi Sully. We know each other, but you hardly remember me. Exciting and dynamic gameplay. For indie, what you need. My record 136.

Good game! Sometimes goosebumps run.

This is so cool...

This is a very fun and wonderful game, the graphics are very nice! Keep up the good work!

Very funny. The physics is great, but I would add death when it falls on my head and when gas runs out. Good luck!

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I'm very hungry bird!

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Pretty funny!

Interesting mechanics...nice game.

Nice bro ;)

For the first time, not bad, but I would suggest hiding the cursor. This is done with one line of code :)))

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Pretty short, but you got a nice idea! Good luck, bro.

Excellent physics, but for me it was too complicated.

I wish you good luck!

I have 102. Great idea. I think if you devote more time to details, such a game on mobile devices will not be ashamed to publish.

Nice game.

I like the idea of the game! Continue to develop it and then you get a cool game!

This game reminded me of golf. Very cool idea!

Thanks for the info, I hope you succeed!

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No problem

You have a great idea!