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A bit odd that this pops up in my notifications on Gmail after I watch Laputa: Castle in the Sky.

Gross body horror and scary flower guys, how can I resist?

Bendy tbf wasn't good to begin with. It was ok for 3 episodes and then went downhill when the developer started becoming money hungry.....Showdown Bandit came out after that.

This game sucks ass.

Disliking makes you dumb dumb

This is a lot like his older title 'Slender's Woods'

Not as good as the original but it's cool!

I'm working on a slightly lazy surreal RPG Maker game called Trance with some friends of mine (I'm making the game, they're doing artwork and me and someone else are making music) and I've been working on it for 4 months. We are almost finished with the game and I hope I can submit it to this Gamejam sometime soon.

Remember when IGN said Alien Isolation was bad because the AI was too smart?

What I mean is IGN is full of douchebags.........good game btw, I really like

Tbh I wouldn't be happy with IGN rating it the best game, they probably hated it but are too scared to give a score under 7. As they always say "It's a little something for everyone" but then beforehand they call it lazy or some shit.

This game isn't sary.....I totally didn't just shit myself right next to my little brother.

Vidas is a legend.

Well, the developer is lazy, because he just used the 40 dollar Unity Hospital asset and made an ugly model in FPSC.

Fight....? Who on earth said it was a fight.

In my honest opinion, the game shouldn't have been stealing off of Granny, and it's an awful game. The game is also a .rar file which is super dumb. Also what the hell do you even mean by "too mature to say people don't know what a review is". How old are you, five? Jesus Christ, nobody can handle criticism apparently. Especially you. I see you spamming all over this game saying "this game is great stfu" and stuff, like dude, chill.

What did I say that makes you think I'm targeting you and you only. How immature.

Change the lighting effects to make it look more like Silent Hill's flashlight, the flashlight appears and disappears in certain places, go play that game and try to do what they do.

Thanks, also uhmm, this might be the devs first game so I do kind of cut them some slack but they really do need an opinion on the game so they could learn from their mistakes if they make another game.

@PanDamia okay, stop agreeing with these people and saying the game is cool, it has a lot of problems that need to be fixed, the game is bad but I gave it a chance. Look up the definition of "review" because you all are commenting "OH SHUT THE FUCK UP THIS GAME IS COOL I LIKE IT"

Do you even know what a review is?

You know, I actually agree with you. All these people saying "Stop being a jerk" don't know what a review is, and the map is a map back for 40 dollars on the Unity site. That's proof of the developer's laziness. This game sucks and I hope the developer:

1. Fixes the problems.

2. Make an original map.

3. Make an original plot.

I hate granny ripoffs.