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This is an FPS survival shooter I've made to show off the controls and mechanics for my upcoming game, bUG.

Survive as long as possible by destroying the turrets with the weapons that spawn around the arena.

Instead of a double-jump we have a jump-drop (Jump while in mid-air) that's very handy avoiding damage. I'm thinking of adding an area affect to the jump-drop that temporarily paralyses the turrets (turning/firing/both). Maybe. Any feedback welcome. =)

Do NOT stop moving.

Thanks, that fixed it. This game is fantastic. One of the best things I've seen on the site since I joined.

Well done. =)

Hi there,

I like the idea of this game but Gladiabots wants to open several pipes to the net when I play it.

When I deny it the access I get a load of error messages.

Can you tell me what it needs the access for?


This looks really interesting but after the title screen the screen is mostly black (some weird/soft colours around the edges). I can hear footsteps when I move and ambient sound FX, but no visuals. I'm using Mac OSX 10.8.5. I've tried different resolution/quality setting to now avail. =(

This is cool. Puts me in mind of Penta Tentacle for WiiWare. Cool music too. Well done. =)

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A banshee stalks you through a nightmare. Listen for her footsteps to avoid being trapped with her forever.

Great game guys. Very funny. =)

Love the music too, strong Oxygene feel to it. ;-)

Thanks for the reply leafo. Sorry about the late response, I've been without a computer since I posted here. Turned out the video issue was a dead/dying video card.

TBH, I think the issue was my computer but it did give me cause to reflect.

Could a game crash a computer semi/permanently?

Re: alternate user; do you mean create a guest user that has no privileges? That sounds like a good start.

I think I might run any downloads in a window (rather than fullscreen) until I'm sure they're ok. That way it's at least easier to exit out of the program.

Is there a technical discussion thread that covers this sort of stuff already?



Hi all,

I'm more of a game design hobbyist, but eventually I would love to start or be part of a small team.

I decided on my username because between kids, work and that most time-consuming activity, sleep, many (all?) of my projects reach completion after the date I set myself. >=|

I use C# in Unity, WavePad, Gimp and Blender to make my games and while I'm no expert, I've learnt a lot since I first started coding 3 years ago.

My first games machine was a 2600 and I've been playing games for about 35 years. Some stand outs for me: Laser Gates (2600), a lot of Mega Drive games, Shadow of the Colossus, Rez (PS2) and I'm currently really enjoying Far Cry 3 (PS3). I worked in retail video game stores through the 90's and then moved on to I.T.

Hi everyone,

First of all I want to say how awesome it is to see a site like this. There's so much great stuff being made by Joe/Jane Blow and it's great to see a market place for them. (Computer Open That Door is the first time in a long time that a game has made me laugh)

I do have one question about downloading in general.

Obviously these titles are provided as-is, any damage is the user's to take care of/prevent.

However, what steps can I as a user take to prevent issues. To give an example, I downloaded another title, started playing and it crashed my system pretty badly. No keyboard response, screen turned to a jumble of random coloured pixels. I could only get it back to the desktop by hard reseting my machine and entering Safe Mode and then rebooting again in normal mode.

Not looking for a solution to this specific problem, I just want to know what permanent risks I may be opening my system to and secondly, what kind of things do other users do to protect themselves. A virus scanner is the most obvious tool but what about non-malicious stuff like I described above?

FYI, I'm using a mid-2010 iMac with OS X 10.8.