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Heya all,

PCC is a character controller for platformer games inspired by Celeste for Unity.

It has various actions that can be used by the character, these includes : 

  • Run
  • Jump
    • Fixed Height
    • Dynamic Height
  • Dash
    • 8 Directional
    • UnControlled
  • Grab
    • Hold
    • Climb
    • Climb Jump Wall
    • Climb Jump Away

It also features a Stamina System for all the grab actions.

Check It Out (its free) : here

Source Code : github

Nice and fun game to play.....

Good job on the aesthetics..

Best comment i have ever had.......

awesome bro, you are real unity fan..

You should definitely participate in a jam. Jams are meant to break the publishing fear i.e. fear of publishing. I even published my first game in a jam. So you should definitely try this jam. Game jams are worth participating. Maybe you publish your first game and then alot. 

We are currently a team of 3 programmers and want a artist who can make a game with us. If you are a pixel artist and want to teamup, feel free to join our server

Or dm me on my discord :


I am a unity c# programmer. I have participated in 2 jams before. Discord :

I am a c# programmer. Discord : is my discord.

This is my discord link. Btw i have sent you request too, accept it.

I am a programmer. I would like to join the team.

Discord :

Is any c# programmer needed? If so, i am available.

hello, i am available, a c# unity programmer

I am available, i have participated in 2 jams earlier, alone. And want to team up in this 3rd jam. I am a decent programmer and have decent experience in unity, i am looking for a team ( that has pixel artist, bcz i cant draw ). I can team up with you. ;)

I am available right now. Message me on discord.

I want to Collab, please send your email. I am decent programmer in unity.

I am a decent c# programmer, and want to team up. How will you contact with me. Send your email to me preferably. 

Hi, i am decent unity programmer looking for a pixel artist, if you are interested, here is my discord :

Hello, i am a C# programmer, with a decent experience in unity. I have participated in 2 jams before. I am looking for a pixel artist who can do the artwork and I'll handle the programming part. If you are a pixel artist and want to team up, here is discord :

Thanks brother


what that means

Hello, if a c# unity programmer is needed, hit me up :)

Discord :.

I can't figure out what the prize is.

Will you Collab with me, i am a c# unity programmer and need a partner who can do artwork ( maily pixel art ). If you want, my discord is

great, my discord is

Would you team up with me.

Discord :

Then contact me on discord.

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Hello every one. I am 17 year old Unity c# programmer. I want a partner who can join the jam with me. I have participated in 2 jams alone but want to team up in this jam. If you are a pixel artist, musician, lets team up :).So if anyone wants to team up, here is my discord :

thanks for your help :)

Hay Dev, i am also Dev, i am also from India, i am also a programmer and lives in India. Nice to meet you friend. Would you like to team up with me. My discord is

yes, i am on discord.

hey, thank you for your help. Well any bgm would do the work. I don't know much about music, but it would be great if the bgm is in happy, exciting related genre(just shooting in dark here, i don't even know if that genre exist or not 😝). Agains thanks for supporting. 

Yes you can, If you have legal rights to use 'em.

Hello everyone. I am a C# programmer. I have plenty of experience with Unity and have participated in three jams before. I have participated alone in the past three, but want to team up in this one. Any team would work. ;)

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Thanks, btw i have heard of sound cloud but i didn't know that it has a "use commercially option".

Well i spend a huge amount of time to find free( free to download and may have attribution license ) bgm. Is there any good place to find bgm that can be used in jams.

This is my first brackeys game jam. I am very excited ;))))))))))

Yeah i have already downloaded that assets pack. It has some great cursor artwork. Good job. But i neee a asset pack that contains a scalable menu, buttons, slider etc. If you have time, please make a asset containing these. It is always great to download your assets;)