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Guy's If your stuck on the main Menu retry using Settings as A Windowed OR Lower quality, I had the same issue and this worked for me Very Cool Relaxing Game :)

New Mini-Game And Demo Out NOW!!


i have improved the tickling interactions, there is a clip on youtube game update out soon :) 

Please check out our patreon for upcoming release's


Thanks for playing the early access please stay up to date for our next release and for Scene test game play's :)Love the Clip thanks again 

Thanks for the review,  please note that this is a early access Demo for a patron funded project, which is solo built part time with only less then 10 months in development,  

I can totally agree with the assets/Girls as I'am a programmer with zero 3d modeling skills, although as this is a popular comment I will attempt to alter the FBX' s,  also once funded this project will take on a animator/Modeler to manager the aesthetics.

The tickle interactions will be the next improvement including a lager audio (laughter library) more reactions, and improved Tickle zones & IK placement.

I have huge support with the Patreon project in both a Funding and a Personal level, with a huge amount of Personal PM requests.

This will surly be a ongoing project, would love you to follow it, 

Thanks again for the Review and i Love the Clip :)

Newest Gameplay footage New update 1.21

Please Give Fetish Studio A Good Rating To Help Our Indie Game :)

Now available on Both Mac and PC 


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Awesome Screenshot from a fanmade lets's play that i will post on here :)


if the mouse is stuck in the middle of the screen on dialogue and options, restart the game and that should fix it, as this is a unknown issue, I am still working to fix it, thanks again :)

Here Are some Player Screen Shots Please Upload some of your own :)

Here Are some Player ScreenShots Please Upload some of your own :)

Fetish Studio 1.1 Demo is out with a few fix's no more Toggle t for tickle, and x will turn yellow when in the zone, also a couple of dialogue boxes were left off on the first demo, Cheers 

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After a awesome review by "Deluneth"  I have added a color change to the cross on hitting a Tickle Zone, I have also turned on Stephanie, dialogue for the win scene, I will be releasing a update also...

I had this issue happen in game test's once, But it has not been a constant issue, maybe try a download or close and reopen, ill have a update out soon, hopefully that fixes it, please let me know how you go :)

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These are great points and ill take ur advice on the yellow cross, 

Please note this is the first early edition of this game so the missions are an example of whats to come, in the full game the sessions will end resulting in clips to list on your store also the infantry systems will allow you to pick up throw drop, i only implemented the pick up to allow for the two demo missions, as far a mercy gos the full hame will have a dynamic system that will also allow her to end a session early if you hit red too much, thanks for playing and i truly appreciate the review thanks ;) 

the bikini is in the apartments, door is left of the ramp behind the shop with news paper out front, her room is at the top level using the lift bikini is in her bath room cheers 

To tickle line the White Cross up with a tickle zone and click the left mouse, if not working try toggle T for interactions, also note not all girls have the same tickle Zones ATM, STACE once on bench is ticklish on feet, belly, pits and hips, Stephanie is Knees, Hips Belly and Left Pit, Beach Thief is ticklish on the feet and belly :) Have Fun Guys..


Please note Known issues :

   -In elevators must click (T) to toggle cursor

   -The Stace panty's pick up wont push an alert message.

   -Some Tickle Zones aren't active will fix these on first update :)

Please download and Comment Please Feel Free to do let's play clips and send me links to add to the youtube 

Thanks Again Guys And Girls )  

sorry guys i haven't uploaded the games backing files ill reupload a working game in the next 3hours thanks for waiting sorry for inconvenience