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Thank you!

Thank you so much for the comment! I’m just seeing it now, but I really appreciate the time you took to play. Noted with respect to the window difficulties too; when I have time to revisit this project that will be a consideration for future updates. Thanks again!

Super excited for this! I bought the bundle 4 years ago, had a game concept and prototype but never got around to making it.

Good luck with the updates, and thank you! I’ll likely be motivated to get back to the idea now :)

I’m excited to revisit it in the future, thank you for playing! Collect the dots was super challenging and fun btw!

Thank you Xed! I love the mechanic you used in teeny tiny smithy!

Thank you!

I never had a Game & Watch, so this is a really fun way to get a sense of the platform. The UI is so well done it comes with a built-in sense of nostalgia!

I love the art and sound; the consistency of the aesthetic here is inspiring!

This game is so cute! I appreciate that each level adds a new cat, I think you purrfectly captured the tendencies of cats with the movement and sounds.

Thanks for playing, especially on a trackpad!

This is my first time actually submitting something for a jam, and I appreciate the advice to publish a lot too!

Thank you for hosting such a truly fun & low stress game jam.

Thanks for playing! I agree with your point about the aesthetic, that will probably guide my next piece of learning for sure.

Thank you! I really appreciate that you took the time to play it! I’m hoping to have time to add more levels in the future.