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This submition doesn't fit the rules, please read the rules carefully.

It is normal, for this first edition there is no theme. You can do whatever you want, as far as it has a link with the speedruning aspect.
It can be a platformer, a puzzle , an adventure game or anything else.

I wanted to keep it simple for this first edition we will see for the new ones in the future though.
Good luck anyway !

Hello everyone, at first when I first starting creating this jam I didn't think this many devs would join.
I'm really happy for that. I wish you good luck and a happy game jam !
You have until the 14th February to submit your project !

Just speedruned it a bit ! Really loved the game , genuily love to speedrun it. Here it is an Any% run of the game in 4:20. Still really improvable in my opinion.

If you want to give it a try yourself go ahead and submit a time there :