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Touching, thrilling, and overall very immersive. If only the minor glitches didn't get in the way of the story.. Added realism of not being able to read without proper lighting was a neat touch, but the fact that I couldn't access the most intriguing notes of the "interloper" with the lights on or the final journal because I've picked up a puzzle piece first.. beyond frustrating. I really hope those get tweaked someday, because aside from that, it's a very neat game.

Don't force reactions out of yourself - the majority of the potential audience will perceive it as phony. Pace yourself with the quips so that the gameplay has a chance to actually have a presence within the video and your releases don't become vanity projects. And lastly, look into sound mixing and learn basic sound level balancing out - the contrasts in the db between the source ones and your added audio are Incredibly distracting. Hope my tips will help out and you create your online spot soon enough.