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I'm sorry to hear that DR4X flopped on steam, it certainly deserved better for a start. I hope the community around the game will grow consistently over time. And for that matter, you did nothing wrong. There's always a part of luck in how these things work, so don't blame yourself for that. I'm sure that with time, your good work will eventually get the credit it deserves ! 

And don't be sorry for that change of pace, when you have fun writing logs then we have fun reading them ! I actually think that releasing less devlogs/changelogs is a great idea : it makes them appear a lot more meaningful and impactful.

Any way, I think you're doing a great job, so thank you for your game ! I'm looking forward to seeing what will happen next with it, and I'll definitely spread the word around me !

I'm definitely interested in seeing more of your changelogs around here, but if it's a bother, I don't mind checking steam now and then. 

In any case, keep up the great work !