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thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you liked it and I would surely improve it overtime. Btw what's a post-jam?

thanks I'll keep on doing my best, after a while you can indeed get the hang of it. I'm happy that you had fun!

I Love your feedback I happy you liked it. About the constructions I don't really know how to explain it right but I changed it know on the page at Controls.

thanks for your feedback, sorry about your wrist you can also just watch them do there own thing maybe you'll get even a better score with that. Also about reposition them after each round is a very good idea I will defintly make that happen later after the jam. I gues my game is a bit too difficult still haha, and the glitch I also gonna fix. Probably it happens because I didn't remove the status after reset so it will always stay true.

Oohn, I'm so glad you liked it! I definitly gonna try to improve and make more! 100 time thanks for your feedback!


Thanks for your feedback. I wanted to create somthing about the 3 primary colors.